an idea

Wow, firstly thanks so much for all the great comments to yesterday’s post. Ditto to you ladies!

The idea was I’d post about how I’d been sick most of this week and off work for 3 days and decided on Friday to cook a restorative free range chook and vegies, showing before and after pics. I managed the before….but of course my excitement to carve up the sizzling brown roasted bird took over the need to photograph it for the blog. So you’re stuck with this pic of an anaemic looking bird. She was tasty and hit the spot.

free range no more chicken

I also spent part of Friday in Doughman’s dressing gown picking cumquats. There are two trees and they’re fruiting their butts off. This pic is after I’d plucked a bunch of fruit and the other bush looks pretty much the same. I’ve scoured my cookbooks for recipes and I’ve found cumquat butter, marmalade and pickles. However none of the recipes I’ve found excite me. So I have a proposal. Offer me a recipe, your grannies secret jam recipe, your dad’s cumquat marmalade and if it takes my fancy I’ll send you a sample of the results. You don’t need to post the whole recipe, you could give me the title and an idea of the recipe. If you don’t want to share your recipe in the comments, then please feel free to email me nvaughanATiinetDOTnetDOTau.

cumquat number 1 cumquats

2 thoughts on “an idea

  1. robynne says:

    Stephanie Alexander Cooks Companion in the 1996 edition p259 (and in the 2004 edition p370) has her mother’s recipe. I have made minor modifications such as separating seeds and tops/tails of the fruit, and covered in water and soaked them, then returned the soaking liquid to the bulk of the fruit. I can give more details if required.
    I usually do it in several stages too, spread out over 2-3 days. It is more convenient and still gives good results.
    Its a very reliable recipe.


  2. suse says:

    Two ideas:
    Cut cumquats in half, removing the pips. Pack the fruits snugly into a baking tray, cut side up. Strew sugar over them and cook them on a low low oven for several hours until they shrink and caramelise. Delicious folded through yoghurt or vanilla ice cream.
    Cumquat Marmalade
    1 kg cumquats
    1 1/2 kg sugar
    2 lemons
    3 1/2 cups boiling water
    Wash fruit and slice thinly, reserving pips. Put pips in a muslin bag and into a pot with the fruit. Pour over water and cook gently until fruit is tender. Add sugar, stir until dissolved. Add the juice of both lemons and cook rapidly until set. Let stand and settle a while. Bottle and seal.
    Enjoy and let me know how it goes!


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