Self portrait Tuesday

Self-portrait Tuesday

Still keepin’ it real, but no harsh images of my mug today. I took this picture last Saturday. I was having a moment. It was about 7.30am and I’d woken early (sorry to all those out there with small people and 7.30am being a sleep-in), Doughman needed a sleep-in so I sneaked out of bed, pinched his robe and slipped on my recently purchased ugg boots (I’m a new convert to these).

As I’ve previously mentioned the back of our new apartment faces north. In the morning’s it is lovely to sit out the back with the blinds open and the sun streaming in (mid-winter here). So I jumped on the net with a cuppa, my ipod plugged in and surfed and blogged for about an hour. Bliss, pure bliss. I woke Doughman up at about 9am with pseudo french toast and tea out on the DECK (I warned there’d be lots of talk of the deck). We ate breakfast with the sun on our backs and the parrots in the palm tree rabbiting away.

Where was I? Oh yeah, rather than try and snap a picture of myself in a mirror I went for the just as unflattering hold the camera above your head and hope for the best shot.

Other self portrait participants here and flickr group here.

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