I heart aprons

This past weekend I decided about 5 hours before we were due to go to dinner at a friend’s house that she needed an apron for her birthday. The recipient is the girlfriend of Doughman’s best friend, whom I don’t know that well. I was a little nervous for various reasons. One being that some people don’t really get homemade gifts or even like them, the second being would she see the apron as a gift like buying your mum a toaster for mother’s day and finally, time, I needed to prewash some of the fabric and dry it. Eeek. I managed to pull it off, Kirstie seemed to quite like the apron and wasn’t offended by it! She wore it whilst finishing cooking dinner, a good sign.

Thanks to Doughman for modelling and slightly camp poses. For the outer, it’s reversible, I used three napkins, I added darts to shape the waist. You can’t see the colour clearly here, but it’s a dark charcoal grey. The other side has the same fabric as the heart pocket.

heart apron front

Pocket demonstration…

heart apron pocket

And last, but definitely not least, the money shot. Nice buns Doughman!

heart apron cheeky back

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