birdie pouch

Birdie pouch made in a few hours last Sunday from this book. Can you see Al’s kitty in the background? She was my blog birthday pressie. She’s lovely. I haven’t named her yet, but I reckon her name’s not as fancy as her sisters. I think she’s Secret Agent Kitty. Her eyes are sort of shifty and she has a certain look that suggests with one high-kick you’d be a goner! Though she doesn’t wear undies, someone could suggest to her a lady shouldn’t high-kick whilst not wearing underwear.

I’ve added some of my Japanese craft books to the Flickr inspiring images from craft books pool.

7 thoughts on “Tweet!

  1. kathreen says:

    i love love the pouch. is it from one of your japanese books, i vaguely remember seeing a pic somewhere of something similar. and the cat by al is adorable – lucky you.


  2. jess says:

    Aren’t you a little worried that the shifty eyed – but adorably cute – kittie may be slowly thinking of ways in which she might EAT the birdie? (which is also v. cute)


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