Kathreen tagged me weeks ago and I’m just getting to it now. This has done the rounds, so I’m not going to do my idiosyncracies, I’m going to do my cat’s. Ok, if you’re now groaning at the monitor grab your mouse and move on to the next blog in your blogroll 🙂

  1. Spud came to us when he was 6 weeks old. We decided he was going to be an indoor cat and we were fortunate that Doughman was working at home so he could be around for him. As a consequence Doughman is the mummy. Spud will only sit on Doughman’s lap and only if Doughman has his left arm on his lap so Spud can suck his tail. Spud sniffs the arm to check it’s the right one, gives it a little lick and snuggles in. Gross, yes. Weird, yes.
  2. Spud will sit next to me on my side of the bed and suck his tail whilst in a sitting position but bent over. Go figure.
  3. He sleeps in the evenings when we get home from work and just as we’re thinking of going to bed, he wakes up and starts running around the house like a nutter.
  4. I think because he’s been an indoor cat his whole life he doesn’t know what other animals smell like. I can come home covered in someone’s dog or cat and he’s oblivious.
  5. Finally, he doesn’t like to stand in the litter tray when he goes to the toilet. He perches on the corner of the tray and does his business. If it’s number 2’s he will then spend at least 2-3 minutes piling the litter into one spot to make sure it’s COMPLETELY cover.

I’m not taggin’ no-one and I think you’re all tagged!

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