It’s enough to make your ovaries ache…

I’m at that point/age in life where I guess I have to seriously consider having children or not. A lot of my friends have little ones and I love them. I also admit to loving going home and being "selfish" and being able to do whatever I want when I want, of course with consideration to Doughman.

Then Emma goes and posts this. Oh, my goodness. I’m already emotionally attached to lovely little Luka and then she does this. How cute is he. He’s just too lovely. He’s not making it an easy choice!

9 thoughts on “It’s enough to make your ovaries ache…

  1. jacqueline says:

    Just do it! After those cute pics even this cranky old spinster considered going out and shagging the first have potential male in trousers!! (after all – a male wearing a dress would do me no good)!! Go on then….


  2. kath says:

    ah yes. it will change all those relaxing evenings you currently enjoy. but bring untold joy in other areas. if you are going to do it – get on with it while you have some energy left 🙂 what does doughman think – does he have a say?


  3. Nicole says:

    Hey thanks for the comments.
    Hmm, Kath, I know, having watched a lot of my friends. Doughman, he has a say definitely and we’re still unsure. I reckon I’ll be one of those women who turns 40 and decides I must have a baby, heaven forbid! Jury’s out for me at the moment, I don’t know.


  4. Suse says:

    Aaaaah, just do it! It’s a culture shock at first, but you won’t regret it. (I could go on and on here and get very sentimental now, but will refrain 😉


  5. santos. says:

    when i turned 34, i decided to give myself until i was 37 to seriously start thinking about procreation. now that i’m 38, i’m thinking maybe deadlines aren’t the best idea. i am concentrating on living a life with no regrets, no matter what happens.


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