weekend folly

This weekend was noice. Great weather (see the blue sky below). Knitting at the pub. Yummy food, roast lamb and vegies on Sunday and entertainment by Mr Leigh.

Finally made cumquat jelly from the home grown cumquats. Managed to get 3 jars. I added cloves to the finished jelly when bottling it, don’t know if it’ll add to the flavor. It seems to have set really well, so I’ll definitely go to the trouble of making jelly again.

cumquat jelly

Saturday pub knit with Gayle, Em and Janine. We met some very sweet guys (behind the girls). I think they had more than double the piercings we had, but they were just as fascinated with our knitting as we were with their piercings and leather.

saturday pub knit

Eventually this will be the herb garden. I got as far as melting the records this weekend but couldn’t drag my lazy ass to the nursery to buy organic potting mix and seedlings. I’m thinking basil, mint, sage, rosemary, catnip and parsley.

record bowls

This one will be the flower pot. Not sure what, maybe a native. Don’t know if you can grow Sturt Desert Peas in pots?

record bowl

Whilst sitting in the sun on the deck I attacked a kitty that had gone a bit wrong. I’d dropped her and one of her eyes had splintered so I had to gut her and cut out the eye. Sounds a bit gruesome. She’s looking a little worse for wear but I’m hoping she’ll come together.

deconstructed kitty front

deconstructed kitty back

EDIT – Record bowls, how to, here and there used to be a tutorial at Get Crafty but I can’t locate it.

11 thoughts on “weekend folly

  1. kath says:

    ahhh noice, very noice indeed. cumquat jelly – noice. no really, yummy. and thankyou for your comment yesterday. I am heading out to grandparents to infect them now.


  2. Nichola says:

    Your kumquat jelly looks yumm! Aren’t the record bowls fun to make? I made a number of them while we still lived in the UK and gave them to my Hubby’s friends as presents, they went down a treat!


  3. VaxGirl says:

    I’m curious, did you set your bowls in the sun to melt them? I’ve been making them in the oven, but it seems that an hour or so in the hot sun might do as well.
    Your pink kitty is adorable, oops-that sounds dirty, LOL


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