Self portrait Tuesday

ageing hand

I turn 34 in about 6 weeks and have noticed that once you’re over the 30 hump your skin starts to look older. I’ve noticed in particular the back of my hands are looking older, I don’t have young hands anymore. One thing I am pleased about are my fingernails (yes this is a truly deep and meaningful self portrait Tuesday post!). For years I used to bite them until they bled. Gross! It’s quite unusual to see my nails naked.

I finally stopped biting them a few years ago and have been fortunate that they survived the years of me munching them. One of the rituals I started once I had nails was a weekly self manicure including painting my nails once a week. I’ve done it for over 5 years now, however these past 3-4 months I’ve stopped painting them. I think partly because I’ve been too busy but also because I’ve been fed up and stressed at work. I’ve managed to not bite my nails but now I’ve moved on to attacking my cuticles. Just as gross. There may be a change on the horizon soon for work and hopefully I’ll start leaving my cuticles alone.

6 thoughts on “Self portrait Tuesday

  1. linda says:

    Theres good news and bad news,being 36 is good and seeing a few wrinkles on your hand is nothing.The bad news-wait till you turn 40 and start seeing hair on your face!I enjoy your posts.


  2. Janine Wright says:

    Well I had been musing on my dry/aged looking 33 yo hands the day before your post….
    So I also wanted to make a good news/bad news comment…
    good news? back of hands is one of the clearest areas to see skin aging(light related/photo-aging )- so the rest of you can well look better!. An interesting thing if you have driven (in your car) quite a bit in the Australian sun is to see if your right hand (if you rest it on the wheel more as many do) has more sun damage than your left. I have a few more freckles on my right hand for instance.
    Another thing to remember is that Perth is extremely DRY and that this makes things look worse. I also mused that knitting and handling the yarn may have increased dry look- or is does that sometime go the other way if you are working with wool with the lanolin in it etc?
    Is the fact I am a scientist showing?


  3. pyglet says:

    I thought your hands looked great compared to mine (same age but I have not beaten the nail-biting…well done on that!). After Janine posted I am now also not sure if I have an excuse. I think I’ve just got crap hand genes! They’re doing their job though so I won’t chop them off just yet.


  4. punkrawkpurl says:

    I will be 34 in about 3 weeks. and yes, I noticed that my skin is suddenly dry!! I really have to moisturize every single dingle day!! I was tripping on my hands just the other day. my BF who is 28, thinks I am crazy!!! ahhhh, to be 28 again!


  5. angharad says:

    I’ll be 33 in a month and I still bite my nails, and my self portrait was about how aged my toes look because they are so tan, and how old they made me feel! How funny is it to think of all us ladies sitting around in our various parts of the world daydreaming of when our hands (or feet!) looked younger!


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