opinions please!

When I was in Sydney visiting Al, I bought some fabric (and a button) with the intent of making a bag that would remind me of my visit with Al. I have a couple of ideas for the bag shape and design. The two designs below are what I’m teetering towards. Keep in mind it will be my "everyday" bag so it needs to be a little bit functional and not too frivolous. I carry around a mobile, a palm pilot, mini ipod, purse, keys and make up purse. There’s a picture of each of these items at the end of this post with approximate dimensions, for you maths freaks out there that like to be specific 🙂

So, the point. Well I’d like your opinions please. Bring it on, don’t like either bag design, fine, feel free to email me or post on the blog your suggestions. If I decide to use the bag pattern you suggest I’ll make you something or post you something, I’m not sure what, it’ll depend on the person. If I decide not to use any of the suggestions I’ll do a random draw and one of you will receive a love parcel (no that’s not rude) from me. And if you’ve swapped with me before (quoting Al here) you’ll know I’m no stingey giver! So here goes. Poll will close midnight Tuesday 30 August. Here’s a guide of what time it’ll be where you are at that time.


Here’s the fabric. The pink stripe on the left is an extremely soft flannel like fabric (it’s not wool flannel, it is cotton), this is to be the lining of the bag. The sandy coloured fabric on the right is a stunning wool fabric. See the creases in it, this is intentional, so the pattern for the bag will need to consider this. I’ll probably make the lining just short of the outer of the bag. And THE rose button to feature somewhere on the outer of the bag.


Option 1: Bag from Japanese craft book (ISBN 4579109988). Though I’ll probably make the strap a little longer.


Option 2: Hobo Slouchy. The one pictured here is for sale at One Good Bumblebee (picture from One Good Bumblebee), stunning vintage fabric! Go and buy it.

As promised the contents and dimensions of items I usually lug around.






Still here! Great, now please vote.http://www.blogpoll.com/poll/view_Poll.php?type=java&poll_id=22331

17 thoughts on “opinions please!

  1. momo says:

    i’ve always loved those soft fabric bags with a knot on the shoulder…so option is the vote! plus, it seems like it’ll carry more stuff than the other one…so should be more functional for your purpose! =)


  2. Mary says:

    I definitely vote for the Japanese craft book bag. Here is something I learned recently from my own bag-making experiment: you might want to flat line or interface the outside fabric to make it stiffer because otherwise it will sag and feel not too strudy and you may feel afraid to use it for toting al the things you wanted to put in there. Also I would recommend (also from experience) to make the knot permanent and not something you tie and re-tie everytime you need to get inside… the friction will wear through the fabric faster than you would think. The end of advice from Mary!


  3. sarah says:

    i love seeing what people carry in their bags, what a stylish chickie you are! i think i like the hobo slouchy best, but the japanese craft book bag would perhaps show the stripe to better advantage, hmmm, might have to think about it a little bit more…


  4. leesa says:

    I really like the japanese craft book bag, but for practical reasons I’d go the Hobo Slouch, because if it slides of the front seat in the car, all your precious goodies wont go sailing around the floor! (I love your purse! – is it a Spencer & Rutherford?)


  5. suburbansider says:

    Although I love both bags and I agree with Sarah that the Japanese bag will show up the stripes better, It’s the HOBO SLOUCHO bag hands down for me – coming from a girl who never leaves the house with less that 10 items to carry,including a wriggly baby the Hobo looks more likely to fit comfortably on your shoulder and stay there. I also think it’s very stylish.Looks as though all your accesories will fit in there no worries. You could always make both bags!


  6. kath says:

    I have made the japanese bag, and while very cute, and really really easy to whip up in 15 mins, it is totally impractical. the placement of the handle in the middle is very very annoying, it doesn’t sit right on your shoulder – unless you are planning to only ever carry it like a basket in your hands i recommend not making this bag.


  7. suzy says:

    I love the Japanese bag, but my only bit of input would be that if you like to carry your bag on your shoulder the knot could be a bit painful… my bag always weighs a ton (purse + ipod + 101 lipsticks are surprisingly heavy), and details like that tend to dig in. But maybe you could position it so it doesn’t, or make sure that the straps are nice and wide so it’s soft.
    Both designs are lovely though, and I love the fabric – can’t wait to see how it turns out!


  8. tammy says:

    I gotta say I like the second one, cause I have a really cute bag that I can’t wear over my shoulder and it drives me NUTTY. But that could just be me.
    And no, that wasn’t the same cat I de-whiskered. Totally different cat was molested this time. ;o)


  9. Suse says:

    Oh my gawd, a pink ipod and an ever so hip phone and something adorable with pink rosebuds all over it (key purse?). You are one hip young chick m’girl.
    Ok, I like the Japanese bag but it is impractically tiny, and after Kath’s comments about the handle I think I’m leaning towards the hobo job. (However, you could make the Japanese bag larger, and place the handle end to end instead of middle to middle. But then it doesn’t qualify as the Japanese bag, as such.) The hobo one I like, but the dimensions are not specified. If it is a big floppy cool bag then I say go for that, but if it’s one of those tiny little things that sit right under your armpit, then I reckon it is equally impractical.
    So I guess I haven’t voted have I? Ok … ummm, well … hobo, as long as it’s a decent size.
    Alright, I’ll shut up now.


  10. Alison says:

    Hobo. I think you’ll find it will sit better with the weight of the fabrics you’re using, and you’ll get to emphsise the crinkles in the outside fabric.


  11. Rachael says:

    Hobo bag is the way to go! Ditto for the Japanese bag not being able to be put over your shoulder. Also I think Hobo will show up the crinkle in that yum fabric a lot better. Thats a GO FOR HO-BO! (ra ra)


  12. mo says:

    I vote for the japanese craft bag with a longer handle. I think the beautiful creases in the wool will get completely lost in the slouchiness of the hobo bag. Its such a lovely combination of fabrics, I think the japanese bag will show them off best. You are making me want to make a new bag…


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