Self portrait Tuesday

Firstly. WOW and thanks for all your great emails and posts regarding the bag choice. It’s still not decided, a few spanners thrown in (which is expected) and some unusual indecision on my behalf. I’ll let you know what I end up deciding. On to regular programming….

Self portrait Tuesday

Self portrait Tuesday. This week is my fridge surface. I lived with a very anally retentive man for years (a man who decided what colour, and I mean COLOUR, linens we slept in and who once threw out tea towels I bought because they were striped, but that’s another story) who wouldn’t allow anything on the fridge. Thank goodness I live with a man who tolerates and even participates in the graffiti on the fridge! There’s Kath magnets from Doughman, a postcard from Al M, a foot notepad from Em, various fridge magnets that I have made or received as gifts, a scratch and sniff cookie magnet from Jena and others.

Flickr pool and links to other self portraits.

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