soarin’ on circulars

sock is soarin'

If you’re a regular here at Craftapalooza you might have figured out by now that I have craft ADD. This would drive some people (personalities) nuts. But I get bored easy and I figured if I’m happy with the results of my multi-tasking crafting then lucky me AND lucky friends and relatives who receive the fruits of my crafting. I’m a keen knitter, but would no way call myself an obsessive knitter, though I am a fibre snob. I couldn’t have a just knitting blog, you guys would get bored with my lack of finished WIPs.

This past week I have become completely obsessed with knitting socks. Well the thoughts have been in my head for over a month, useful when it’s coming up to the end of our winter here in Perth. The dreaded DPN’s were the only thing stopping me. Don’t get me wrong, quickly backtracking before I get a shit storm of DPN lovers banging down the door. I think DPN’s have their place….just not in sock knitting. Oh well, bring it on DPN lovers. But before you do, try knitting socks with two circular needles.

I’ve borrowed Cat Bordi’s "Socks Soar on Two Circular Needles", great review here. The book is fairly unassuming and very thin. However once you read the instructions you sort of go, oh, yes of course, simple! I started the socks above last Saturday. I’ve gone the safe route for my first pair and used the pattern from the book. I want to knit some cabled socks I’ve seen in a recent Interweave Knits. The book gives instructions/advice on how to convert a pattern knit on DPN’s to circulars. Not too painful at all.

At first working on the 2.5mm (my tension’s tight, I need to go up a smidge) in a k2 p2 rib on Lorna’s Laces, I was feeling I would never finish the leg. But then all of a sudden I was on to the heel flap and then turned the flamin’ hill and now I’m workin’ that gusset. I think I’ll definitely finish one sock this weekend and START the second. I know I definitely have second sock syndrome. Having one finished Opal sock in my stash….saying that knitting with Lorna’s Laces is such a pleasure and the yarn is so soft and lovely. Watching the pattern emerge is fun as well.

Could a beginner sock knitter start using this technique? I think they could. They’d need to probably understand the anatomy of a sock (see link below) and maybe have a buddy who they could ask questions. I definitely think working with 2 circ’s is a bucketload easier than wrangling 4 or 5 DPN’s!

Stay tuned to see if I succumb to 2nd sock syndrome!

Tradewind Knits – Lucy Neatby
Sock Knitters forum
Knitty’s anatomy of a sock

Phew, tied it on!

I finally made an apron for Tie One On. This month’s theme dish-towel. I found some "mega" towels at Target (good for us grrls who have back, and sides!). So quick and so easy! I sewed this baby in under an hour last night. That included pinning the trim for the tie and also pinning the ricrac and pompom trim along the bottom and sewing it all like a mad woman. Overall pretty happy with the end result. I was going to make a little clip on hand towel but time wasn’t on my side and I wanted to get back to my sock knitting. What! Sock knitting. Yep, knitting socks on 2 circ’s. If you’re a sock knitter and haven’t tried this, why not?! It is excellent, however, more in another post.

tied it on

See the nicely styled shot above, well behind the cut follows. For your (and mine) amusement. I was concentrating so hard on getting an in-focus picture last night in our dark kitchen that I had no idea this was going on 🙂 I think the pompom’s made him do it?!

behind the tie

There’s a monster in my pocket

So what’s this? Is it some scary zippy mouthed monster?

coin purse monster

Nope, it’s my finished coin purse, which doesn’t hold coins, it holds knitting stitch markers. I embroidered around some of the pattern on the fabric, but it was late when I took these and I had crap light. I’m not going to have time to photograph them in decent light this week, so these will have to do. Lined with silk dup. I got lazy and instead of whip stitching the sides together I edge stitched them on the machine. It’s ok, not super neat, but fine for me.

coin purse side

Keepin’ it real – Self Portrait Tuesday

Firstly, a big thanks for Kath for creating the self portrait wave. It’s so cool to see everyone participating. Which brings me to my final body image post.

YES, it’s my mug again. We were driving to play mini golf yesterday (Public Holiday here in Perth WA for the Queen’s Birthday) and in the car on the way I thought I’d snap some more of my face. Doughman was egging me on, "go on, smile, you have a nice smile". Well I tried. I’m just not one of those people who feels comfortable smiling on demand and in front of a camera. Saying that I’m feeling less vain and shy about how I look in these (well, there’s a slight twinge of vanity).

I’m wearing my new perscription sunglasses, they make me feel a little ill because the lenses are sooo big and there’s a curve. I need to wear them more. I badly need a haircut, I have no makeup on, just some lip gloss and my eyebrows need some serious grooming.

spt 27 sept 05

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Recommending films is fraught with the same dangers as recommending restaurants and hairdressers. A bad experience and your opinion is MUD. Well, throwing caution to the wind…if you only see ONE film this year make it Murderball. I’m not going to ramble here giving my opinion, just go and see it. Excellent.

Crafty food

crafty biscuits

Spicey bought Doughman a set of alpha biscuit cutters as a thank you for assisting him get a foot in the kitchen door of one of Perth’s top restaurants (there was also a monkey and a dinosaur). So happy for Spicey that it’s worked out well. Doughman put the cookie cutters to the test this weekend and had much success. The recipe is a polenta based biscuit with lemon zest, really lovely. If I remember I’ll post a copy of the recipe. They are really great.

We also discovered that once you start eating the biscuits that you can be left with cat poo. Much to Doughman’s amusement. This one’s for you Doughman.

cat poo

Self portrait Tuesday

spt 20 september 05

You can’t see it properly here but the eye on the right of this picture droops. I had a bicycle accident as a child and ended up with a blood clot in my eye, well just above my eye. I had surgery to have it removed and have noticed as I’m getting older that this eye droops slightly whenever I’m tired or have been crying. I think it’s slowly getting worse. Usually people don’t notice it, but when pointed out it’s really obvious. I’m not overly self-conscious about it until I see photographs which remind me.

I remember coming out of surgery, I was about 7 and still being very groggy and really wanting to see myself in the mirror. I never felt attractive as a child, so I remember being quite anxious about how I was going to look. I can still visualise in my head the image of myself at hospital crouched on the bed trying to crane my neck to see myself in the mirror across the room and nearly falling off the bed. I vaguely remember my mum being there and trying to stop me.

Here’s the flickr pool and SPT site.