Bring your pet to blog day

The gals at Port2Port have bring your pet to blog day on Thursday’s. There’s a sort of stigma attached to posting about your pets and in particular your cat. Quite divided and definite opinions. I’m not sure where I sit. Maybe if I had children I’d post about them, would there be complaints/judgement then? Who knows. Anyhow as I have a cat and no children you’ll have to put up with loverly Spud. Whilst trying to photograph my latest, and I think so far my most successful, cupcake adventure Spud decided to help.

We have the "hmm I wonder what this is" pose.

Hmm cupcake looks interesting

Followed by the I’ll just give it a whack with my paw to see if it responds.

I think I'll just give it a whack with my paw....

And finally, think I’ll stick my paw in it and then give it a good sniff just to be sure.

and then I'll stick my nose in it

Cupcake recipe is the Classic cupcake from "Hey There Cupcake" by Clare Crespo. She offers great advice. I made my way to a cake decorating supplies store (a whole OTHER world) and purchased some real food colouring. Not that fake supermarket stuff. The red pictured here is actually a no taste gel! Pretty cool stuff. I’ve also used some very very fine disco dust, you can sort of see the irradescence of it on top.

EDIT – Damn it, Not Martha’s gone and kicked my cupcake makin’ ass 🙂  Stunning!

10 thoughts on “Bring your pet to blog day

  1. Kate says:

    Official de-lurk! It was nice to meet you too Nicole — I’d love to come along to the knitting in the pub thing.
    I see nothing wrong with blogging about one’s pets… obviously.


  2. mo says:

    Not Martha’s cupcakes are cute but yours sparkle and have the cutest cupcake holders. We have a great cake decorating shop here and its always fun to go and check things out.


  3. feli says:

    hi, just started reading your blog. found it via was reading your past entries and spud is so much like my cat toby. she only lets me cuddle her when i come home from work. :*) and i love the picture where spud came and sniff the cup cake. :*)


  4. Amanda says:

    I didn’t realize there was a cat stigma in blogs, guess I’m behind as usual. I love seeing pictures of other people’s pets, particularly their cats. Yours is such a cutie!


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