vinyl herb?

herb garden

Planted the herb garden last week. Lavender, choc mint, rocket, sage, basil, lemongrass, italian parsley and some kitty grass. The record bowls are a little shallow, I’m hoping the herbs won’t notice. Spud liked the kitty grass and we had to take it outside to stop him, that was after he gorged and spewed twice. Lovely.

Must remember to water and not just admire the herbs.

Have a great weekend!

8 thoughts on “vinyl herb?

  1. VaxGirl says:

    I remember reading somewhere that spewing from the kitty grass is actually *good*. Of course I don’t remember where or why and they obviously don’t mention it on the box.


  2. emma says:

    I loike it a lot! at least your ‘erbs wont be attacked by snails like mine….oooo and get yerself some laksa leaf….got it from bunnings and is fab!


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