Finished business

pink kitty

These pics have been up at flickr for over a week and I’ve been meaning to post about them. One of these kitties was made as part of my blog birthday celebrations. She was a gift to the winner of the competition. The winner was Susie at Jujeeland and little pink kitty above is winging her way to her as I post this. I’m really happy with her wonky eyes (though the wonkiness wasn’t intentional). Both kitties stand between 8-9cm tall.

Next up we have this rather mod looking kitty. Her dress is silk lined and the outer fabric is from a tea towel. Her body and arms of made from lovely wool and she’s wearing wool felt accessories, her shoulder straps are velvet ribbon. She’s available for swap or purchase. Email me if you’re interested and we’ll talk! Done! Thanks.

white kitty

I succumbed to the new Denise Schmidt book (ISBN 0811844420). These cards are from her book. Great idea! I came home from work last Friday very glad the week was over and spent about 30mins making these two. Very satisfying and a really fun, simple way to use up scrap fabric. I’m also making the kitty from Denise’s book, I’ve stalled in the middle of her, she’ll be along soon enough!

sewn card from Denise Schmidt book sewn card from Denise Schmidt book

8 thoughts on “Finished business

  1. Knits A Secret says:

    Oh my god – those kitties are AWESOME! I love them. And I’m NOT a kitty person, or a doll person. They’re so expressive though. Love the legs and the jumpers.


  2. amanda says:

    Nicole–your kitties are too cute!! I love the “wonkiness” (I mostly just love that word!).
    And aren’t those cards so satisfying to make? They look great!


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