Something to keep you amused…

If you’re reading this it’s Friday (well, where I am it is!) and I’m not working today. I’m out fabric browsing I’m sending out back-tack matchups 🙂 it’ll take me a couple of hours and it’s nice to be at home in peace just sitting and doing and not being distracted (Doughman is lovely, but he often wants to chat when I’m on the computer and I can’t afford to make mistakes, trust me 😉 ), having a chai and packing for the IV’s annual retreat. We spend the weekend from Friday evening (or if you’re fortunate like Emma and I from FriDAY) until Sunday morning in an apartment overlooking the beach knitting, eating, watching films and chatting. Just hanging out and having a big old knit. These guys are hardcore. It’s wake up at 6am for some of them and start knitting! Mad I tell you. Emma’s going to crack open her new icecream maker for a chai icecream making session, I’m cooking Jamie Oliver’s fish pie, Robynne’s cookin’ up a breakfast, Madge is on snacks and Gayle’s gonna bake up something sweet. Oh and I’m on mango daiquiri duty 🙂

To keep you entertained whilst I’m gone please do check out Stuff on my Cat, EVEN if you don’t like cats, go and see, you’ll enjoy.

I finished another kitty. This one was meant for me but she’s gone and traded herself, hussy! I’ll just make another. I love this fabric, so cute. I also like the french knots for her eyes. She’s made from a wool fabric, with bone shaped wool felt accessories. Her dress is lined with silk.

doggy kitty

I’d like to also introduce our neighbour, Spooky. Spooky is the cuddly cat that Spud isn’t. I love Spud, but he’s no lap cat. Spooky’s the kind of kitty that’ll crawl into your lap and bury his head in your armpit (yes, your armpit) and start purring and eventually snoring. He’s a lovely kitty. He and Spud play paws through the back door so I thought it was time they met. Not tooo bad. No hissy or freaking out like cats can, also good considering Spooky was in Spud’s house. Hmmmm good excuse for me to get another kitty. This pic was a "stick the camera under the table with the flash on and see what happens". So I didn’t see that Spooky was about to get a face full of flash and I had no idea what Spud was up to. Very cute.

spud n spooky

Have a great weekend.

6 thoughts on “Something to keep you amused…

  1. kelli says:

    Thank you again for the backtack work. I am so excited! (I know, I know. How many times can I say that?) Anyway, just thought I’d send my appreciation one more time.
    I’m done now. I promise.


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