Is your vulva itchy?

We met, we ATE, we knit, we drank killer mango daiquiri, we watched some classics and some of us had wind, some didn’t. One of us got to poop in our pants, get cuddled and cooed at all weekend. Some of us made icecream (thank you Em), cooked dinner (thanks me) and cooked breakfast TWICE, not once but TWICE (thanks Rob) for everyone. AND Em made us all the best gift bags, stuffed with lots of goodies. You can’t quite read it on her blog, but the label on the bag says "does my vulva look itchy in this".

Mango daiquiri.

IV Retreat 05 - THE daiquiri

Me, after several daiquiri, me who rarely drinks. What’s with the pouting?!

IV Retreat 05 - After a few daiquiri

Sunset view over the ocean from the apartment.

IV Retreat 05 - Sunset

But noone had an itchy vulva. Varicose veins, but no itch. But that’s a whole other story! More pics at flickr.

Go on over and visit Amanda and congratulate her on the birth of her lovely new daughter.

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