Self portrait Tuesday

spt 20 september 05

You can’t see it properly here but the eye on the right of this picture droops. I had a bicycle accident as a child and ended up with a blood clot in my eye, well just above my eye. I had surgery to have it removed and have noticed as I’m getting older that this eye droops slightly whenever I’m tired or have been crying. I think it’s slowly getting worse. Usually people don’t notice it, but when pointed out it’s really obvious. I’m not overly self-conscious about it until I see photographs which remind me.

I remember coming out of surgery, I was about 7 and still being very groggy and really wanting to see myself in the mirror. I never felt attractive as a child, so I remember being quite anxious about how I was going to look. I can still visualise in my head the image of myself at hospital crouched on the bed trying to crane my neck to see myself in the mirror across the room and nearly falling off the bed. I vaguely remember my mum being there and trying to stop me.

Here’s the flickr pool and SPT site.

2 thoughts on “Self portrait Tuesday

  1. lisa s says:

    what a story…. you know i think everyone’s eyes are slightly different…. like feet and hands… it’s part of what makes us interesting, huh?
    i love your eyes in this photo – they are so full of emotion!


  2. natasha fialkov says:

    it only makes you cuter! you know? anyway, when my husband is tired, his one eye is nearly closed, and when i am getting a migraine, i have an eye that is open way wider, like a psycho and my eyes visibly twitch like a psycho, as well! does it make me cute? mm. no.


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