Softies and stationery

Hilary’s Paige came to live with me. She is so lovely, well made and full of character. It’s all the small details that get me interested. Like her little shoes, her hair, her mouth, the collar on her dress, her gorgeous backpack (STUFFED with lots of fun goodies) and of course the lovely little book that comes with her.

look who came to live in Australia

I’ve also been on a stationery binge lately.

Leslie recently reopened the Paper Princess. I love her cards. They came beautifully wrapped and included a little package of samples from the rest of her range (not pictured, I filed them safely and you know the story). AFTER I’d bought these she bought out a line of book plates. They are gorgeous as well. Definitely worth getting some of these.

paper princess

I have been lusting after Momomoggie’s stationery for a while. I finally succumbed! It is sooo cute and lovely. I love the size of her stationery and the humour and wit behind it are really great. I gave a set away that isn’t pictured here. She also sent extras, some very cute little buttons. Love her ninja.

Ninja’s seem to be quite fashionable at the moment, which is a little strange. Over a year ago at work we had a programmer, very quiet, unassuming, quite straight. He used to wear knitted argyle vests (he’s a YOUNG man, too young for argyle) and dressed fairly conservatively. Anyhow the point, I found out after he’d left that his is a NINJA. Hilarious. We now refer to him as the Argyle Ninja.

momomoogie cards

And finally I love Liquid Sky Arts style. I bought one of her paper packs to have a play with and also some preprinted cards. Great textures and colours.

liquid sky arts paper

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