Keepin’ it real – Self Portrait Tuesday

Firstly, a big thanks for Kath for creating the self portrait wave. It’s so cool to see everyone participating. Which brings me to my final body image post.

YES, it’s my mug again. We were driving to play mini golf yesterday (Public Holiday here in Perth WA for the Queen’s Birthday) and in the car on the way I thought I’d snap some more of my face. Doughman was egging me on, "go on, smile, you have a nice smile". Well I tried. I’m just not one of those people who feels comfortable smiling on demand and in front of a camera. Saying that I’m feeling less vain and shy about how I look in these (well, there’s a slight twinge of vanity).

I’m wearing my new perscription sunglasses, they make me feel a little ill because the lenses are sooo big and there’s a curve. I need to wear them more. I badly need a haircut, I have no makeup on, just some lip gloss and my eyebrows need some serious grooming.

spt 27 sept 05

Here’s the SPT site and flickr pool.

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