Phew, tied it on!

I finally made an apron for Tie One On. This month’s theme dish-towel. I found some "mega" towels at Target (good for us grrls who have back, and sides!). So quick and so easy! I sewed this baby in under an hour last night. That included pinning the trim for the tie and also pinning the ricrac and pompom trim along the bottom and sewing it all like a mad woman. Overall pretty happy with the end result. I was going to make a little clip on hand towel but time wasn’t on my side and I wanted to get back to my sock knitting. What! Sock knitting. Yep, knitting socks on 2 circ’s. If you’re a sock knitter and haven’t tried this, why not?! It is excellent, however, more in another post.

tied it on

See the nicely styled shot above, well behind the cut follows. For your (and mine) amusement. I was concentrating so hard on getting an in-focus picture last night in our dark kitchen that I had no idea this was going on 🙂 I think the pompom’s made him do it?!

behind the tie

10 thoughts on “Phew, tied it on!

  1. kelli says:

    Hmmm… I thought for certain you were Australian. Do they have Target down unda’? Or do you live in the US? Or, … did you buy the towels on a trip here?
    Enough of my snooping, let’s get down to the sewing questions. How did you sew the ribbon to the top? Did you fold it in half over the top edge and stitch through both sides? And what about the stitching with the pom poms and rick rack at the bottom? I love this idea and would appreciate your advice.


  2. Rachael says:

    Love it! Especially the ric-rac and pompoms. I also think that twill tape was an essential for completion of this months tie-one-on (yup, me too!) Can’t wait to see the Flickr pool!


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