BT2 skin of my teeth

I know, I’m an organiser I’m not supposed to be late….OR accidently reveal my identity to Stephanie! Who was a great sport about me ruining the surprise. I finished tonight! Phew. I really enjoyed putting this together once I got over the performance anxiety hump! I ended up purchasing several sets of tea towels to use as the fabric. There was a combination of cotton and linen.

bt2 cath kidston packaging

Here’s a preview of the wrapped package (really lovely Cath Kidston wrapping paper), for further details of what was sent head on over to flickr, but NOT YOU Stephanie. That’s if you want a surprise. If you don’t, then mosey on over. I won’t go into any detail here about the kit so at least you can’t be tempted by pictures. I also put together a little parcel for each of Stephanie’s children and a little something for her hubby.

Finally and definitely not leastly, thank you for all the internet love and comments. It is most appreciated. I haven’t responded to emails or comments, but please know it is appreciated. I have good days and not so good days, sort of a swinging pendulum and the moment. That old cliche "time" will no doubt prevail.

AND in the continuation of a stunning mail week last week I received my afternoon tea from Nikkishell, delicious. Thanks and congrats on the second bub!

BUT wait there’s more. My BT2 arrived!! Katey at One Good Bumblebee is my partner and she spoiled me silly! I wasn’t very fair to Katey, I didn’t give her a craft so she had to wing it and she excelled! I need to take pics, but in the meantime Katey’s documented it very well. Thanks Katey x

EDIT – Afternoon Tea gals mine will be leaving Perth tomorrow, so depending if Australia Post deliver it by airplane or camel you should hopefully have it by Thursday/Friday this week.

A little sweetness

from my better pal

Even though this week has not been the happiest, there has been lots of warm fuzzies arriving by mail! My better pal has this uncanny knack of giving me the most perfect pressies. Her latest was some kidsilk haze in one of the new styles with a little glitter, some amazing soaps from Sabon NYC (only 2 pictured here as I’m using one of them already) and some very yummy tea from Empire Tea (again, one is missing as I’m drinking it!). Perfectly timed. I’m looking forward to finding out who she is so I can return some of the favour!

swap with carine

Carine and I did a swap. She got a kitty and I received one of her very cute bags, a sweet sewn kitty fridge magnet and some fabric. Thanks Carine!

And probably the most surprising treat was the chocolate from Sarah. She sent Al and I a really lovely surprise. Al was good and managed to photograph hers, mine arrived on Tuesday at work (not a great day), so I ate it….all of it…during work that day. It helped! Thanks Sarah, a very thoughtful and generous surprise, stunning packaging.

socks of sadness

socks of sadness

Well Di has the socks of engagement. I’ve got the socks of sadness and pissed-offness (not to sound too dramatic, it just came to me in the car!). I’m finishing up my back-tack, which is coming along nicely if I do say so myself and I’m enjoying creating! All I can think of at the moment is knitting socks. Nevermind that I’ve committed to selling at my first ever craft fair in 2 weeks and need to start making, CRAP. Sock knitting is repetitive, I can just sit there and not think too much about anything. I knit at traffic lights, in my lunch break. I can just sloth on the sofa, feel a little sad and sorry for myself and knit my sock!

The details. Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock in Bittersweet, knitted on 2.5mm circular’s. Pattern Rib and Cable by Nancy Bush from Interweave Knits.

Obssessed with sock yarn at the moment. Handpainted sock yarn. Not a fan of Opal or similar. Love the organicness of handpainted sock yarn. Have you seen Socks that Rock yarn?? Wooow!

The curse of the knitted sweater

When I started knitting a sweater for my recently departed (yes, he’s gone kids, not coming back, can someone please explain it to the cat, the cat misses his lap) partner, affectionately known as Doughman, I ignored "the curse". That’s superstitious crap, I told myself. Rubbish. Well ladies and gents, I’m living proof that it’s true.

No need for details here other than I’m 34 and single AGAIN. Hmmm think it’s time to be single for a while, enjoy my friends (who have been amazing and supportive and wonderful, you know who you are), my craft and blog. Remembering that I used to go to the movies and cafes a lot by myself when I was single and it’s funny once I’m partnered with someone I really enjoy just being at home, doing my thing. I remember the last time I was single being frenetic about being busy and out doing, I think I’m a different person now and more comfortable just being.

What would Donna say?!

rufus cake stand 1

Meet Rufus (named after Rufus Wainwright). He’s my neighbours new rat dog. He’s a chihuahua/pomeranian cross.

Lisa – you wanted a picture of the cake stands I received for my birthday…this good enough? 😉

This is one of the 3 stands I received. It’s a Donna Hay stand. She’s probably turning in her oven right now! Don’t worry people if you come to my house in the near future for cake, I’ll make sure Rufus has licked it clean 😛

I think this post is the result of sleep deprivation. Not sleeping that well at the moment, seems I have a need to be awake from 3.30am until about 5.30am. So I read, better than tossing and turning and fighting the blankets.

Weekend and sadness

I don’t want to go into detail here but let’s just say Doughman’s left the building for a month or permanently we’re not sure yet. Very sad here at craftapalooza.

On a happier note one of my bestest "fancy pants" buddies came for the weekend to see me (sorry for the sad stuff Troy). It was great to see him and hang out. He’s one of those annoying looks perfect and smiles well for the camera people.

Posts might be a little erratic here for a while. But hope you guys hang in there!

troy n me