aaah weekends

Kicked off this weekend with a burger and movie Friday night (Cinderella Man). A tear jerker. Well, for me it was. Not just little tears, big, wet tears. Quite satisfying. I really enjoyed the film. Doughman and I had a quality evening together.

Saturday woke up late (9am), got dressed and went out for a leisurely breakfast, then on to domestic duties. Saturday afternoon I started sewing a bag. It was intended to be my new handbag, but I think it’s a little large and could do with some refining. It’s an excellent knitting/craft bag. It’s made from the woollen fabric and cotton I bought in Sydney visiting Al. I’m going to test drive it as a handbag this week. Great simple pattern from Cotton & Paint volume 21. Easy peasy. Was frantically sewing on the machine at 6.59pm as guests were knocking on the door for dinner, just as well Doughman was on the case. I finished it off this morning. I covered a couple of buttons to add to the fabulous rose button and used a couple of magnetic closures on the interior. Overall I’m happy with the bag.

woolen bag

woolen bag interior

Doughman spent quite a few hours Saturday afternoon cooking up a feast. Fresh pasta with a puttanesca sauce followed by coconut and rhubarb cake with lemon syrup and vanilla icecream. Yum.

doughman's pasta

Then today a couple of girlfriends (Alison M and Kate) and I met up with Di who’s in town. We spent the afternoon knitting and eating. It was great to see Di. We met over 5 years ago and it wasn’t until I started blogging that I met Al who mentioned Di to me and we realised we have quite a few common friends. I made some further progress on the sock. I know on Friday I made the grand statement that I would have finished one sock and be on to the second….well there’s still time tonight whilst watching, cough umm, Idol.

di and kate

circular sock progress

12 thoughts on “aaah weekends

  1. debbie says:

    nice job on the bag! i have a similar pattern in a book i picked up last month ‘bag boutique.’ looks like good progress on the socks! i tried socks with 2 circulars, but couldn’t get the hang of it; am going to try the magic loop method when i settle my nerves….


  2. abby says:

    Your bag is beautiful! The picture of the pasta makes my mouth water-yummy! Have you ever tried making pasta with spinach or beets in place of the eggs-it’s divine. There is a great recipe in one of the Jamie Oliver books. THe socks are so sweet-although the two circular thing scares me a bit. I think I’d end up screwing it up!


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