coy, me?

So how does one say, "it’s my birthday today wish me happy birthday" on their blog? Well like that I guess. I’m sort of shy but I guess not that shy. My inner talk was like "put it on the blog, naaah don’t, no go on, but it feels funny, why does it feel funny, oh get over yourself". So….it’s my thirty something birthday today. 🙂  Started off with a bang…NOOOOO don’t be smutty, or is that just my mind?! Just me? Oh, ok then.

Got a bunch of great stuff from Doughman, breakfast with him and a couple of buddies and more pressies AND a handmade card from friends that made me smile. SMS messages and phone calls all before 9am. Not too shabby at all. They’ll be cake at work today and Doughman’s taking me to dinner, I don’t know where, it’s a surprise.

There’s been craft this week too. In between knitting the socks (I’m obsessed. I knit in the car whilst waiting at traffic lights, at lunchtime at work and when I get home from work, I’m like, dishes, naaah, sit and knit the sock). I’ve been working on some kitties, one for a swap  that’s way overdue. Here’s one finished sock (yes I have flat feet). Finished Sunday evening at about 11.45pm. Cast on for the second and am about 2 inches into the leg. I’m already sniffing about for the next pattern to knit. I want to knit on circ’s again and knit 2 at the same time and I wanted to knit lace. I stumbled across this at Knitty. PERFECT! (Also I owe Leslie and Bertha some tape measures, they’re coming girls, sorry a little slow at the moment!)

finished sock

Have also seen a few finished and in progress back-tack projects. A lot of great work out there. I better get busy myself!

26 thoughts on “coy, me?

  1. lisa s says:

    happy happy happy birthday! we are only days apart! i love it…. so our swap was kind of a b-day swap! 🙂
    [and no, it is not just your mind!]
    hope dinner was grand as well!!!!


  2. Rachael says:

    OH, Happy birthday! Hope all your birthday wishes come true. Enjoy yourself and make lots of fun (!)
    (Thirty something is a good age to be, I think I might stay thirtysomething from now on, but still have all the birthday fun!)
    Cheers, to the Birthday Girl!


  3. Knits A Secret says:

    HAPPY! HAPPY! HAPPY! Hope the day was FANTASTIC! (And you have a great year.)
    The sock looks great. Addictive, aren’t they?
    L, BP


  4. amy k. says:

    oh! happy happy b-day, and good for you for telling us! I make such a big deal out of mine, and I think everyone should! do something wonderful today (pedicure??)


  5. Jess K. says:

    Happy Birthday!
    I love my birthday, I always want everyone to know about it and everyone to treat me special on that day. (it doesn’t always work out that way, but whatever.)


  6. Miss Dot says:

    Happy belated birthday!!
    Have to say it, have been reading the sock story and not really understanding the sock thing AT ALL. I have been like, “why?” you can buy then for a couple of bucks… but now…now….having seen the sock. I am soo impressed, that sock really could change your life, makes me want to learn how to knit! I love it! great work, and NOW I share your passion/joy/wonderment at the whole knitted sock thing! you go girl! keep up the great work!


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