back-tack progress…

Haarrr – caught you back-tack recipient pal person. I won’t say who you are, you know! Yes, yes, ok time to admit my embarrassing mistake….I accidently revealed myself to the person receiving my completed BT. Yes, I know. I’m one of the organisers. Doh!

So, I’m going to be very coy about what I post. I want her to be surprised. I don’t want to give too much away. I’ve had very high performance anxiety with this BT. Not quite sure why. I know I’m competitive, in a "I want to do something fabulous too way". After seeing some of the completed stuff I got stuck on what to do. I dragged Al M around the new MEGA Scablight in Joondalup out in the burbs, (Spotlight, one of our chain haberdashery stores here in WA, crap service, hit and miss for quality, interesting supplies, but an evil necessity) for about 2 hours last night. She had a eureka moment for me so I think, think I’m sorted. Thanks Al!

Got home last night and hand washed the fabric. Saturday’s sewin’ day. Doughman’s off to the drags to watch stuff and I’ve got hours for myself to sew, sew, sew like a mad woman. Think I’ve got it all planned in my head, let’s just hope it translates to quality finished sewing. Sunday will be "crap we have a house guest late next week let’s tidy the apartment". ICKY. An evil necessity. I could almost knit me a scarf with all of the Spud dust bunnies.

Want a glimpse of my BT? Here you go…

bt sneak peak

I know, doesn’t give much away does it.

Me nervous. Never! Well, a little.

8 thoughts on “back-tack progress…

  1. Jannah says:

    Wow, I never knew you were from WA, I used to live just around the corner in Edgewater, used to go to that Spotlight all the time (when I was in art college the cheaper the art supplies the better – Spotlight filled that bill pretty well!) Thanks for the flashback, gotta get mum to pick up some supplies for me and send them over, that fabric is awesome, your BT partner is gonna love it, what ever it’s gonna be!


  2. mo says:

    Wow- thats just beautiful! Seeing the beautiful things you make on this site, you have nothing to worry about! I know though, that I am feeling a little performance anxiety myself with all the lovelies I keep seeing.


  3. Catherine says:

    Beautiful fabric, I can’t wait to see it!
    (and if that’s hit-and-miss quality, you should visit our stores here in the UK! If you want anything other than felt, cotton or fleece you’re totally buggered. Trendy pattern? no chance x_x Ebay is my friend… )


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