Bringing my pet

Warning….a post about my cat 🙂

Port2Port’s bring your pet to blog day. Spud isn’t cuddly. I wanted a cuddly cat (should have bought a Burmese!). He’ll tolerate being cuddled when I get home from work for about 30 seconds. However once you put him down, that’s not the end of it. It’s on his terms, it’s why I like cats but also frustrating. He’ll run in front of you, stand in another room meowwwing like someone’s torturing him or start chewing on something he knows you don’t want chewed. When you confront him or ask what’s going on he’s like "who, me?". He wants to be patted and scratched, just not whilst sitting on my lap. He’ll lay just out of arms reach and look at me with a "get off your ass and pat me look", 90% of the time he wins.

He’ll sit on Doughman’s lap, but only so he can suck his tail. Yes, I’m embarrassed to say my cat is a tail sucker (is there a recovery group for this?). When we bought Spud he was about 6 weeks old. Tiny! Doughman wasn’t working at the time, so he was home with Spud and the cat used to sit on his lap whilst Doughman was on the computer. After about 3 months of age the cat started to suck his tail. Doughman is the mummy. Spud sits on his lap to suck his tail. One day I’ll film it. The cat then walks around with the top 2 inches of his tail all wet and sucky with cat spit! Anyone else experience this?? I never have.

Whenever Doughman or I are on the computer Spud has to have somewhere to sit on the desk. If not he causes havock. This includes chewing on my craft, walking in front of the keyboard and wiping his tail on your face, chewing electrical cables and generally being annoying. I figured out if you give him something squishy to sit on, he’ll lay down whilst your on the computer and go to sleep.

I snapped these this week. He was obviously very comfy and was squished up close to the keyboard, but still keeping an eye on me.

spud keyboard

spud computer

12 thoughts on “Bringing my pet

  1. Laura says:

    Aww, Spud is cute!
    I used to have a cat that would get on my pillow and SUCK ON MY HAIR during the night. Cat spit on tail… okay, it’s his tail. Cat spit in my hair?? Uhhmm….. that was really disgusting.


  2. Janine says:

    Ah- I love the cat the stories- what a suprise!
    Didn’t know about the tail-sucking it isn’t in any of my cat experience….I am now prepared (and scared)…..
    My cat and I have a new game- running races back from the mail box! he is very ‘dog like’ and will come when called and follow me down to the mail box- then we do a ready set go and run back to the front door (~ 25m away). I would like a complete idiot-if people chose to watch. Score from this week- 1 have won 4 time and he has 3 times….


  3. Nichola says:

    Well, he has character! My cat Lebowski doesn’t like to be cuddled, he prefers to stand and walk about as you scratch him, Poppy likes to share my pillow (take up all my pillow!) and lick my nose in the middle of the night waking me up with her stinky cat breath and Kitty just likes to attack your legs for no apparant reason.


  4. di says:

    He’s so cute- so much like Walter (aside from the tail sucking bit). Walter has sat on my lap precisely TWICE in the 18 months that I’ve known him.


  5. Catherine says:

    Cats are fabulous! My brother has three; zoe-the-cat tries to climb into the shower with me for a scratch even though she HATES water, so she’ll stick a paw in and then run to the other end of the room in terror… and then slink back to see if it’s any less wet the 2nd time!
    Tigger-the-Cat is a vegetarian (no, I’m not kidding – he wont touch meat!) and Jet-the-Cat likes it when you make “meow” sounds at him – he meows back and you can pretty much have a conversation with him til you get bored! haha
    Spud sounds very cute but very demanding – have you thought of getting him a buddy? Maybe it would keep him occupied 🙂


  6. Bertha says:

    Aw, Spud is so funny! It’s so cute that he *must* be with you on the computer….such a cutie!
    Oh! The tape measures arrived! I *love* them! Thank you so much for the buttons also! I treasure them!


  7. carine says:

    my package has arrived… i love the blue kitten …
    hope you receive yours soon and like it…
    kissies and hugs
    by the way , you cat is lovelly and smart…


  8. Paula says:

    My 10 year old Siamese cat Pandora sucks her right front toe, my Vet said this is fairly common in a Siamese. If you are not paying attention to her she will tap you on the arm or face. She hate all technology and yowls at the printer,cell phones etc. We do the race thing too. She can also fetch. Now my two new young fellas can’t do much other then redecorate the house… they love to shread paper and shower curtain liners.


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