The curse of the knitted sweater

When I started knitting a sweater for my recently departed (yes, he’s gone kids, not coming back, can someone please explain it to the cat, the cat misses his lap) partner, affectionately known as Doughman, I ignored "the curse". That’s superstitious crap, I told myself. Rubbish. Well ladies and gents, I’m living proof that it’s true.

No need for details here other than I’m 34 and single AGAIN. Hmmm think it’s time to be single for a while, enjoy my friends (who have been amazing and supportive and wonderful, you know who you are), my craft and blog. Remembering that I used to go to the movies and cafes a lot by myself when I was single and it’s funny once I’m partnered with someone I really enjoy just being at home, doing my thing. I remember the last time I was single being frenetic about being busy and out doing, I think I’m a different person now and more comfortable just being.

25 thoughts on “The curse of the knitted sweater

  1. Janine says:

    Maybe being a pain-in-the-neck knitter (PINK) knitter (that is if I knit for even a little while EVEN THOUGH I LOVE IT…I get a pain in the neck…..will protect me from the sweater curse (if ever I had someone to knit a sweater for….that fact may protect me more!)
    On another selfish note I am MOST excited that Spudo is with you!That was a question I was worried about asking……
    A NO-tail sucking intervention is happening for him!


  2. Janine says:

    I think I may be protected from the sweater curse by the fact I am
    a PINK knitter (Pain inthe Neck Knitter) which means knitting for even short times , EVEN THOUGH I LOVE IT! leaves me with neck pain thus keeping me on short projects
    On a selfish note (well actually the above was a self focused comment too wasn’t it…) ok on an EVEN MORE selfish note….so glad to hear SPUD is with you! I was worried and too scared to ask.
    Spud is going through a forced NO tail-sucking intervention!


  3. Vanessa says:

    Hey there, I just wanted to say how shocked I am to learn of D’s departure. I hope you are holding up ok. Keep on craftin’ and bloggin’!


  4. jess says:

    Sorry you have lost the Doughman, but hope the crafty single life sustains you and that Spud gets used to the single lap life… though, I am sure there are plenty of other laps in the sea?


  5. lisa s says:

    at least you still have your sense of humor!! go and use that chanel red lipstick a bit more 🙂
    that curse bit is funny. i can’t even knit a sweater, so…. 🙂


  6. michelle says:

    So sorry to hear about the breakup. It is so nice to hear that you seem to have a wonderful outlook! You don’t need someone else to make you happy…I look forward to your posts! Happy knitting..and thanks for spreading the knowledge about the curse!


  7. Lisa says:

    Sorry about the breakup.
    But thanks for the warning on the knitting. Should I ever have another date, I will definitely not knit anything until he’s make a promise before God and man.


  8. di says:

    Curse be damned. Glad you’re keeping Spud (he’s such a spunk!), and that you have good friends around to support you, and such a positive approach. hang in there!


  9. Fiona says:

    Big hugs to you Nicole! Looks like you’ve got excellent folk around to support you and keep up all-important supplies of beer and chocolate. Take care. xo


  10. Catherine says:

    Oh just think of all the dating fun you get to have!
    (My partner is a nurse and works horrendous shiftwork, so it’s like being single without all the fun bits x_x )
    (((hugs for you and Spud)))


  11. kelly says:

    Well, it certainly sounds as if your perspective is right on track… Although I wouldn’t trade my little family for anything, the prospect of some extended time alone sounds dreamy – but, of course, I know they’re always here to come back to… not really the same thing, I know. What can I do to bring a smile to your face? Just let me know! If only there were a few more eligible, crafty, straight men out there (ha ha! that’s pretty funny!), I’m sure they would know how truly spectacular you are!


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