A little sweetness

from my better pal

Even though this week has not been the happiest, there has been lots of warm fuzzies arriving by mail! My better pal has this uncanny knack of giving me the most perfect pressies. Her latest was some kidsilk haze in one of the new styles with a little glitter, some amazing soaps from Sabon NYC (only 2 pictured here as I’m using one of them already) and some very yummy tea from Empire Tea (again, one is missing as I’m drinking it!). Perfectly timed. I’m looking forward to finding out who she is so I can return some of the favour!

swap with carine

Carine and I did a swap. She got a kitty and I received one of her very cute bags, a sweet sewn kitty fridge magnet and some fabric. Thanks Carine!

And probably the most surprising treat was the chocolate from Sarah. She sent Al and I a really lovely surprise. Al was good and managed to photograph hers, mine arrived on Tuesday at work (not a great day), so I ate it….all of it…during work that day. It helped! Thanks Sarah, a very thoughtful and generous surprise, stunning packaging.

4 thoughts on “A little sweetness

  1. Knits A Secret says:

    So glad you’re loving it! I’m very happy I could give you a little warmth this week. (And that you’re really USING the stuff! YaY!)


  2. Lisa says:

    sorry to hear things are rough for you now, nicole. i went through the same thing this past summer and it was hell. blogging and crafting and making art are what got me through. i am 37 and single again, and trying to make the most of it…please hang in there and if you ever want to chat about it, send me an email. love, lisa


  3. ainslie says:

    Hey Crafty P, I’m very sad that your having a bad week, I’m having that sort of a rubbish week too, for the same sort of reason and I know how horrible it is. Best wishes – be strong, glad you got some lovely treats! love ainslie


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