BT2 skin of my teeth

I know, I’m an organiser I’m not supposed to be late….OR accidently reveal my identity to Stephanie! Who was a great sport about me ruining the surprise. I finished tonight! Phew. I really enjoyed putting this together once I got over the performance anxiety hump! I ended up purchasing several sets of tea towels to use as the fabric. There was a combination of cotton and linen.

bt2 cath kidston packaging

Here’s a preview of the wrapped package (really lovely Cath Kidston wrapping paper), for further details of what was sent head on over to flickr, but NOT YOU Stephanie. That’s if you want a surprise. If you don’t, then mosey on over. I won’t go into any detail here about the kit so at least you can’t be tempted by pictures. I also put together a little parcel for each of Stephanie’s children and a little something for her hubby.

Finally and definitely not leastly, thank you for all the internet love and comments. It is most appreciated. I haven’t responded to emails or comments, but please know it is appreciated. I have good days and not so good days, sort of a swinging pendulum and the moment. That old cliche "time" will no doubt prevail.

AND in the continuation of a stunning mail week last week I received my afternoon tea from Nikkishell, delicious. Thanks and congrats on the second bub!

BUT wait there’s more. My BT2 arrived!! Katey at One Good Bumblebee is my partner and she spoiled me silly! I wasn’t very fair to Katey, I didn’t give her a craft so she had to wing it and she excelled! I need to take pics, but in the meantime Katey’s documented it very well. Thanks Katey x

EDIT – Afternoon Tea gals mine will be leaving Perth tomorrow, so depending if Australia Post deliver it by airplane or camel you should hopefully have it by Thursday/Friday this week.

7 thoughts on “BT2 skin of my teeth

  1. Lisa says:

    you are amazing!! stephanie will be blown away, and so will jack and the kids. you captured her incredibly in what you made. amazing. i love it all!!


  2. Stephanie says:

    SO EXCITED! I am not going to peek! You are amazing. Thank you so much for including everyone in my family. I received the book from amazon, and I’m planning on crocheting like a madwoman this fall. Can’t wait to see what else you have in store!


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