Normal programming will resume…

Soon! I’m in a bit of a crafty funk, it’ll pass once I’ve organised a removalist, started packing, changed my utilities, redirected my mail…etc! I found somewhere to live, YAY for me. Will move the week before Christmas, eek. Cutting it a bit fine. Not sure if I’ll get to do my usual Christmas baking this year. I haven’t even designed any cards yet. Sigh.

Even though I’m having a crafty funk I’ve been obsessed with making beaded rings. I love wearing rings and have mentioned previously that I’d found some jewellery findings that I liked.

This weekend I made over 20 of them. Yep, I said I was obsessed. I’ve given some away and have sold a couple. If anyone’s interested in buying one drop me an email. They’re USD$33 to anywhere in the world (within Australia AUD$30, paypal or direct deposit) and Paypal’s my preferred method of payment.


To see them up close and personal, the flickr gallery. Hope you’re all well and gearing up for the festive season!

hey! anyone there?

Hey – you guys still out there? I know, I know my posts have been erratic lately. I’ve been immersed in the crappy reality that is house hunting (I rent so even more joy). CRAP, CRAP and CRAP. That’s all I have to say. Hopefully the latest application I’ve put in will be successful. It’s quite competitive here in Perth at the moment for rentals and it feels like Christmas is zooming up on me. Single women with cats aren’t as popular as couples it seems!

crepe paper crown detail

Has there been craft you ask? Why yes. Progress has slowed considerably, though I have 100’s of ideas for projects I want to do, I should write them somewhere, but in the meantime new projects jump the queue. Like this crepe paper crown, knitted in crepe paper streamers from a borrowed (hint to Santa) copy of Alterknits (great book, really nicely styled). Knitted this in about 3 hours and then spent another hour or so decorating it. The crepe wasn’t too bad to knit with, yes it does snap, but I managed to work with it. Lots of fun to make. It was for a newish work colleague, I’d threatened that employees had to wear a silly hat all day on their birthday, so figured I’d better follow through. She was a good sport and wore it most of the day. It was a nice mid week distraction and think I’d definitely make more.

Aside from the crown, I’ve been working away at socks. I really want to get some sewing done, but as I’m thinking (yes, that’s thinking) that I have to pack everything up soon, I can’t get into sewing. Go figure, just how my brain is working.


I also had a couple of swaps organised ages ago and Monica has kindly sent me her part of the swap. Hey kitty is gorgeous. So sweet and little and beautifully made, just divine. I owe her a kitty….it’s coming! She also was sneaky and included one of her stunning illustrations, I was going to buy one, but she’s treated me. I recommend buying one, absolutely gorgeous, gorgeous. I love it. Thanks Monica.

surprise from african kelli

My internet buddies have been amazing. Thanks for the emails, I’m catching up to responses. AND thank you Kelli for being so sweet and sending me the above parcel. A great surprise…I can see a kitty in a little African print dress coming your way in the future…

j9 birthday packaging

Finally, but definitely not leastly, we have a birthday gift from J9 to me. J9 is THE packaging queen (tongue firmly in cheek). She was adamant that I need to take pictures of how well her gift was packaged. The packaging didn’t make the contents any less sweet, TWO skeins of Lorna’s Laces sock yarn. Glad she’s feeding my addiction. There were also some Australian road sign stickers….not quite sure where she’s going with that, but hey, I’ll go with it.

I also keep forgetting to photograph some amazing silk the IV’s gave me for my birthday…pics soon!

j9 birthday gift

BT2 image library update

There’s been an update to the BT2 image library. Get on over. If you’ve sent me an email and I haven’t responded, please be patient, I’ve been distracted and lacking in motivation at the moment. I’ll get back to you soon 🙂


Insert witty title here

I admit I’ve been lacking in craft motivation this past week. Funny enough my social life seems to have picked up now I’m single. More to do with my very caring friends keeping an eye out and entertaining me. Much appreciated. The hard times are the evenings and weekends. Yes I have a billion (trust me a billion) crafty things to do. It comes in fits and starts.

When I first started crafting about 4 years ago I used to bead. Rings, earrings, bracelets. Rings in particular I used to love making. I find the frustrating thing with beading is the finishing, finding great, modern findings with clean lines and no frills isn’t the easiest. This week I’ve had the urge to sift through my beads and start playing again. Maybe it helps that I concentrate so hard on combining colours and shapes that I can’t think about anything else, ie like finding somewhere to live and moving freaking house after 4 months of just having moved. Crap on a stick, so they say.

I came across some ring findings at a local bead store recently and even though they’re not made of sterling silver or gold plated (I think they’re nickel) they look quite nice. They are "one size" ie the band is flexible. So I had a play last night and came up with these, probably the happiest I’ve been with any of my bead work for ages. The brown/green and clear/pearl are already spoken for, the other two are available. If anyone’s interested drop me an email to nvaughan[at] and we can talk turkey. If you’re interested in other colours let me know.

brown black ring top view

brown black ring side view

clear and pearl ring

floral green ring top view

floral pink ring top view

floral pink ring side view

A satisfied punter!

Yaaay, Stephanie’s emailed to say she received my back-tack and she’s posted a great post too, thanks!

Once I got over the performance anxiety I had a great time putting this together for Stephanie.

The details…

bt2 upsized combo

The main fabric used for the bags are tea towels (for you Aussies, purchased at Spotlight, also affectionately known as "Scablight"). I found a 3 pack that was perfect (I needed two packs). The large polka dot bag is linen and I used a heavy weight iron-on interfacing. Learning curve with the interfacing, it’s probably a little too unforgiving, I’d use a medium weight next time. This bag pattern is so great it’s from a Cotton Paint magazine (issue 18 I think). This bag is lined with a cream and white patterned fabric and the bag closes with a magnetic snap. I had intended on making my own binding for the handles but due to time ended up buying premade binding which encases some grosgrain ribbon to make it more substantial. I made the buttons from the polka dot tea towel and embroidered them. The elephant ribbon is also from Spotlight. I didn’t have a plan in my head "ok, you’ll feature elephants", I found the elephant ribbon and it led from there to elephant buttons and shrinky pins.

bt2 basket bag detail

bt2 pincushion detail

The basket bag I made following Al’s instructions. This too is made with a tea towel and the lining is 100% cream linen. I’m not 100% convinced by the elephant button on this bag, I think it’s a little large! However I am happy with the embroidery. I made my "own" colour thread by mixing together a blue varigated and a chocolate brown thread. It’s worked quite well. In the bottom of the basket bag is a little patchwork cushion to stop anything delicate that might be thrown in the bag from being damaged. I’m hooked on basket bags! I plan to make another two…hopefully soon, before I move house, that’s a whole other story.

There’s a little pouch (or a child’s oven mitt if you’re Miles!) and matching pincushion and needlebook. Stephanie wanted to learn to crochet so I ordered her a copy of the Erica Knight "Simple Crochet", gorgeous book, and sent along some crochet hooks. She also mentioned sock knitting so I got her some Patons Patonyle sock yarn. There were other small items like chocolate, a notebook, book mark, some origami paper, ribbon, fabric, embroidery thread and some spices for cooking. I also included a Moleskin notebook for Jack.

bt2 miles bt2 mia

I made Mia and Miles a pouch each and put some goodies in it for them. I stumbled across some punch balloons, these are my favourite, they’re hard to come by, I hope Mia and Miles enjoy them. For the gift tags I used the alphabet stamps that Hilary had sent with Paige.

One of my favourite things is probably the tape measure. I used a button that my button phobic boss bought back from Indonesia.

bt2 tape measure

I was sneaky and included a kitty for Stephanie, she was wrapped and hiding in a pocket of the bag! I’m glad it took Stephanie a while to find her! Hmm now Al and I just need to think up a new incarnation for BTIII in April 2006.

floral kitty

my BT partner

from Katey

I briefly mentioned last week that I’d received my back-tack from Katey at One Good Bumblebee. Katey you should rename your blog to "One Effing Generous Bumblebee" ’cause that’s what you are. I hadn’t posted yet as I wanted to take some pics, spend some time looking through the bounty and putting up a post to do Katey justice. I can’t say enough here about how great Katey’s parcel is.

Firstly, the fabrics, Katey is there a mixture of vintage and new? I’ve been playing with them and I’m pretty sure some are vintage. Great prints. I’m thinking a lap quilt or log cabin cushion (just like Lisa’s amazing work). Loving them all. Katey was sneaky and put in some of the vintage fabric she used on a gorgeous bag I mentioned here. Fabulous print. See montage of all the fabric at the end of this post and full set here at flickr.

one good bumblebee vintage buttons

Then there was the bag and pouch Katey sewed. LOVE IT. The bag is so cute. The sewing machine on the front is a great idea and executed really well. Colours are lovely too!

She also bombarded me with a load of notions, purse clasps and Clover accessories (like crack for a sewer/crafter). I managed to score some of her vintage fabric pins and also one of her pretty papers pads, these are divine. Trouble is I don’t want to use it, just spend time flicking through it.

AND she sent a shedload of (vintage?) buttons. They are fabulous. I tried photographing them today but the photo fairies weren’t working with me, another day!. Great patterns and shapes.

Spud in box

Katey – Spud says thank for thinking of him, he loves his new box, it’s his new favourite sleeping place. :p

OGBB montage