my BT partner

from Katey

I briefly mentioned last week that I’d received my back-tack from Katey at One Good Bumblebee. Katey you should rename your blog to "One Effing Generous Bumblebee" ’cause that’s what you are. I hadn’t posted yet as I wanted to take some pics, spend some time looking through the bounty and putting up a post to do Katey justice. I can’t say enough here about how great Katey’s parcel is.

Firstly, the fabrics, Katey is there a mixture of vintage and new? I’ve been playing with them and I’m pretty sure some are vintage. Great prints. I’m thinking a lap quilt or log cabin cushion (just like Lisa’s amazing work). Loving them all. Katey was sneaky and put in some of the vintage fabric she used on a gorgeous bag I mentioned here. Fabulous print. See montage of all the fabric at the end of this post and full set here at flickr.

one good bumblebee vintage buttons

Then there was the bag and pouch Katey sewed. LOVE IT. The bag is so cute. The sewing machine on the front is a great idea and executed really well. Colours are lovely too!

She also bombarded me with a load of notions, purse clasps and Clover accessories (like crack for a sewer/crafter). I managed to score some of her vintage fabric pins and also one of her pretty papers pads, these are divine. Trouble is I don’t want to use it, just spend time flicking through it.

AND she sent a shedload of (vintage?) buttons. They are fabulous. I tried photographing them today but the photo fairies weren’t working with me, another day!. Great patterns and shapes.

Spud in box

Katey – Spud says thank for thinking of him, he loves his new box, it’s his new favourite sleeping place. :p

OGBB montage

11 thoughts on “my BT partner

  1. kelli says:

    Well, when you are the organizer and are known for your crafty ways, I suppose you’d feel compelled to spoil you rotten. Without you guys, there would be no backtack.
    The fabric is simply beautiful. I’m glad you received such a nice treat!


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