Insert witty title here

I admit I’ve been lacking in craft motivation this past week. Funny enough my social life seems to have picked up now I’m single. More to do with my very caring friends keeping an eye out and entertaining me. Much appreciated. The hard times are the evenings and weekends. Yes I have a billion (trust me a billion) crafty things to do. It comes in fits and starts.

When I first started crafting about 4 years ago I used to bead. Rings, earrings, bracelets. Rings in particular I used to love making. I find the frustrating thing with beading is the finishing, finding great, modern findings with clean lines and no frills isn’t the easiest. This week I’ve had the urge to sift through my beads and start playing again. Maybe it helps that I concentrate so hard on combining colours and shapes that I can’t think about anything else, ie like finding somewhere to live and moving freaking house after 4 months of just having moved. Crap on a stick, so they say.

I came across some ring findings at a local bead store recently and even though they’re not made of sterling silver or gold plated (I think they’re nickel) they look quite nice. They are "one size" ie the band is flexible. So I had a play last night and came up with these, probably the happiest I’ve been with any of my bead work for ages. The brown/green and clear/pearl are already spoken for, the other two are available. If anyone’s interested drop me an email to nvaughan[at] and we can talk turkey. If you’re interested in other colours let me know.

brown black ring top view

brown black ring side view

clear and pearl ring

floral green ring top view

floral pink ring top view

floral pink ring side view

16 thoughts on “Insert witty title here

  1. amy lowrey says:

    those are stunning!
    funny, i’ve been doing the same thing recently with all of my beads since i just acquired some amazing vintage beads!
    good luck and enjoy the freedom that comes with being single again!


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