A satisfied punter!

Yaaay, Stephanie’s emailed to say she received my back-tack and she’s posted a great post too, thanks!

Once I got over the performance anxiety I had a great time putting this together for Stephanie.

The details…

bt2 upsized combo

The main fabric used for the bags are tea towels (for you Aussies, purchased at Spotlight, also affectionately known as "Scablight"). I found a 3 pack that was perfect (I needed two packs). The large polka dot bag is linen and I used a heavy weight iron-on interfacing. Learning curve with the interfacing, it’s probably a little too unforgiving, I’d use a medium weight next time. This bag pattern is so great it’s from a Cotton Paint magazine (issue 18 I think). This bag is lined with a cream and white patterned fabric and the bag closes with a magnetic snap. I had intended on making my own binding for the handles but due to time ended up buying premade binding which encases some grosgrain ribbon to make it more substantial. I made the buttons from the polka dot tea towel and embroidered them. The elephant ribbon is also from Spotlight. I didn’t have a plan in my head "ok, you’ll feature elephants", I found the elephant ribbon and it led from there to elephant buttons and shrinky pins.

bt2 basket bag detail

bt2 pincushion detail

The basket bag I made following Al’s instructions. This too is made with a tea towel and the lining is 100% cream linen. I’m not 100% convinced by the elephant button on this bag, I think it’s a little large! However I am happy with the embroidery. I made my "own" colour thread by mixing together a blue varigated and a chocolate brown thread. It’s worked quite well. In the bottom of the basket bag is a little patchwork cushion to stop anything delicate that might be thrown in the bag from being damaged. I’m hooked on basket bags! I plan to make another two…hopefully soon, before I move house, that’s a whole other story.

There’s a little pouch (or a child’s oven mitt if you’re Miles!) and matching pincushion and needlebook. Stephanie wanted to learn to crochet so I ordered her a copy of the Erica Knight "Simple Crochet", gorgeous book, and sent along some crochet hooks. She also mentioned sock knitting so I got her some Patons Patonyle sock yarn. There were other small items like chocolate, a notebook, book mark, some origami paper, ribbon, fabric, embroidery thread and some spices for cooking. I also included a Moleskin notebook for Jack.

bt2 miles bt2 mia

I made Mia and Miles a pouch each and put some goodies in it for them. I stumbled across some punch balloons, these are my favourite, they’re hard to come by, I hope Mia and Miles enjoy them. For the gift tags I used the alphabet stamps that Hilary had sent with Paige.

One of my favourite things is probably the tape measure. I used a button that my button phobic boss bought back from Indonesia.

bt2 tape measure

I was sneaky and included a kitty for Stephanie, she was wrapped and hiding in a pocket of the bag! I’m glad it took Stephanie a while to find her! Hmm now Al and I just need to think up a new incarnation for BTIII in April 2006.

floral kitty

18 thoughts on “A satisfied punter!

  1. Jane says:

    I saw the photos of these beautiful things on flickr and wondered which craft goddess had made them. I love the colours and the details and everything!


  2. JBT says:

    Your back-tack goodies are gorgeous! Would it be possible to get a link (or directions to) the basket bag pattern/instructions?
    Thanks much!


  3. kelli says:

    All of your work is just beautiful, but you already knew I am one of your biggest fans.
    I am glad your friends are keeping you occupied. I have been through something similar (I imagine) this year and my parents and friends (and crafting!!) saved me.
    Now, on to less serious, more fun stuff. LOVE that wasp button. Is it plastic? Bone? It is beautiful.


  4. mo says:

    I cannot tell you enough how much fun I had with back-tack! I can’t believe I have to wait for April for another chance! Its a well deserved break for you guys though! Your back tack goodies are amazing and I was thoroughly enchanted by the colors and theme and how well you played them both out. I would love to send a little goodie to thank you for your back tack efforts if you feel comfortable emailing me your address. Great work on all fronts!


  5. Helen says:

    ohh, this is just gorgeous and I have seen those tea towels at my spotlight – though I have never heard it called scablight before 🙂
    I can’t decided what is the cutest but I love the elephant button.


  6. Jenny says:

    I adore your backtack items and you’ve inspired me to get back into crafting!… Must make a trip to scablight sometime this week. Just wondering how you made the gorgeous pin cushion and the sweet little pins to go with it?


  7. Lisa says:

    WOW! Fabulous! You are so clever. I love the pin cushion and the pins. Did you find the shrinky stuff in Australia or did you have to order it in from overseas?


  8. di says:

    I’m loving your work Miss Martha.
    Thanks for the tip-off on linen tea towels from Scraglight -as I have decided it should also be known. Can you come up with a spoof name for Lincraft? maybe Sincraft (because the quality of stuff they have for crafting is sinful)


  9. eireann says:

    I’ve seen your back-tack things around and around, and I have to say they are my favorites of all I’ve seen. Especially that pincushion!
    And the cat is SO SWEET I want to EAT it. Strange! but true!


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