Normal programming will resume…

Soon! I’m in a bit of a crafty funk, it’ll pass once I’ve organised a removalist, started packing, changed my utilities, redirected my mail…etc! I found somewhere to live, YAY for me. Will move the week before Christmas, eek. Cutting it a bit fine. Not sure if I’ll get to do my usual Christmas baking this year. I haven’t even designed any cards yet. Sigh.

Even though I’m having a crafty funk I’ve been obsessed with making beaded rings. I love wearing rings and have mentioned previously that I’d found some jewellery findings that I liked.

This weekend I made over 20 of them. Yep, I said I was obsessed. I’ve given some away and have sold a couple. If anyone’s interested in buying one drop me an email. They’re USD$33 to anywhere in the world (within Australia AUD$30, paypal or direct deposit) and Paypal’s my preferred method of payment.


To see them up close and personal, the flickr gallery. Hope you’re all well and gearing up for the festive season!

19 thoughts on “Normal programming will resume…

  1. Cara says:

    Beautiful! Good luck with the move – can’t get much more stressful than that! Hope it all goes smoothly and you have a wonderful holiday.
    Love the new banner too!
    Now I can leave my real name…. 😉


  2. saffron says:

    YAY for finding an apartment. I’ve been in that reality of crap of abode hunting for the last few weeks; and of course it right about the time when work is busy and I am also looking for a new job-getting an offer and wrapping up at my current job.
    I love all these rings; so many to choose from. When things settle down I will take an even closer look with my credit card details in tow.
    Take care


  3. Charlie says:

    You are one talented lady..and if you produce things like that when you’re in a funk…wow. Good luck with the move and hope the Perth sun is shining on you always.


  4. Miss Dot says:

    I love your attitude! you go girl!
    “Not sure if I’ll get to do my usual Christmas baking this year. I haven’t even designed any cards yet. Sigh.” talk about making lemonade when life gives you nothing but lemons!!! must hurry to the bead shop before you clean them out!! love the shell one with the caviar!!!!


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