Slack slob!

Yep, that’s me at the moment! Someone (sorry I don’t have the time or energy to go back through my comments and find out who!) asked for the instructions on how to do a basket bag. Al very kindly has created some. Here.

The house is a mess, my thinking being I’m moving in 2 weeks, what’s the point. YES Gillian, I know, do it for myself šŸ™‚  I really cannot be stuffed at the moment. It’s sort of weird moving on, being surrounded by your ex’s belongings. I’m not looking forward to the move but I AM looking forward to moving into my own pad and having my space and not having to consider anyone else for a while. It’ll be nice to just be and not spend time worrying whether the other person is ok, have I left stuff lying around, is my craft invading their space (invariably it did I think) etc. The thought of "oh, my turn for the dishes, who’s turn for cooking"….all of that stuff, stuff that we create ourselves, but it is there and present like a big heaving, breathing hairy creature in the corner that isn’t acknowledged.

Yes, yes, I know. There are pros and cons to being attached and single. One of the pros is the cat and I are FUSED (think that’s a pro?) I now turn to the cat and tell him something funny, I talk to the cat, chase the cat. I can’t pee without the cat being there on the cabinet next to the toilet rubbing his head on my head (I know, I could shut the bathroom door). He does that cat thing of running diagonally in front of you when you’re walking into a room, like he’s trying to herd me. I’m on the computer and there’s the cat, he has to have his own little bed next to the computer otherwise he walks over the keyboard.*

I’m particularly fond of the middle of the night run across the bedhead and if that’s ignored the run across my bladder (yes, I could shut the bedroom door, but I sort of like knowing there’s another living creature in the house). And finally, there’s the very loud incessant meowing at 3am to let me know he’s finished his food and could I please get out of bed and refill the bowl (we don’t have a set dinner time, he just eats when he wants, usually in the middle of the night).

Saying all of that I wouldn’t give him up for anything. I like coming home and there he is at the door waiting patiently for me. We have our special cuddle when I get home (usually the only time I receive a cuddle) and I carry him around for a while.

So, the point of this post was the "oh crap" moment I had about not having responded to the person who wanted the link for the basket bag. (I appreciate the time you guys take to leave comments and ask questions.) It reflects how I’m feeling at the moment, lots of "oh crap, redirect the mail", "oh crap organise a removalist", "oh crap…." think you get the point. I have a list and I’ll get through it! No victims here, just tired people who want to snap their fingers and be a month or so away and moved.

* Any "Sex and the City" fans? Remember the episode when Miranda’s elderly neighbour dies and no-one finds her for a couple of days so her cat starts snacking on her face…..Yep, that’s the sort of thinking that starts to happen.

10 thoughts on “Slack slob!

  1. Suse says:

    I just laughed aloud at kath’s comment, as I just blogged today about cat crap.
    (Oh, aren’t you just dying to come visit me now?)
    Hope things improve. We are moving the week after christmas so have got the packing thing happening too. Blech.


  2. di says:

    ah- a kindred crappy spirit. So sad that change in life causes so mcuh crap to be stirred up, even when it’s a change for good.
    hope you find a few moments of rest and calm in the midst of it all. And it is good to think about the end being just around the corner!


  3. camille says:

    what a touching post! even though I’m married with kids, you made me nostalgic for the days of yore (singlehood). I wish you the best at this unnerving but liberating time!


  4. Ampersand Duck says:

    I have two moggies who do the 3am thing, in stereo. When they run diagonally in front, herding, they go different directions. I’m waiting for the day I’m found lying in the hallway with a broken leg…
    Good luck with the move! Everything will feel great in your own space, guaranteed.


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