Help save Gocco!

Savegoccodotcom I don’t have one, but would love one. Apparently it’s going to be discontinued.

Email I received today….

Date: Dec 12, 2005 9:16 AM
Subject: gocco needs you!

hello everyone i know!

my research for an upcoming article about  gocco for make magazine coincided with riso corp’s announcement last week that they’re discontinuing the "print gocco" system.

the gocco system, for those of you who don’t know, cleverly combines the basic priciples of screenprinting and rubber-stamping, enabling anyone to easily produce multiple color images. it’s the awesomest li’l gadget ever for artists and designers and will be sorely missed if it does indeed go "out of print."

while riso’s decision appears to be final, maybe, with our help, gocco can find a new home with a manufacturer outside japan.

to that end, i’m refashioning the forthcoming magazine article, and ed and i have quickly put together a website for the evolving "save gocco" grassroots campaign.

please visit for more information and ideas, and help save gocco!

thanks for your help!

Visit Save Gocco

4 thoughts on “Help save Gocco!

  1. claire says:

    I was looking into this today (in a state of mild panic having dished out over $1k for a big one) and nehoc – the Australian distributors – will still be continuing the gocco line, they say until RISO discontinues the gocco in Japan. More info here:
    Another good reason to live in Australia! Hopefully!


  2. Alison says:

    (yes I am still alive)
    This really saddened me (and I’ll blog about it one day when I find my way to the computer at home) because it’s a great print source and doesn’t deserve to be discontinued. I’ll be stocking up on supplies anyway (Nehoc are great by the way), and trying to save it as well.


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