Packing Spud


It’s moments like these I wish I was a cat! Spud is very helpful with packing…NOT. Well he is if you count laying in and on boxes, using boxes as scratching posts and darting in front of me whilst I’m carting boxes. Tomorrow I move. Today I pack…..Yep. Left it to the last minute. Just finished the study and it’s 10am, think the study is the worse will all my craft crap stuff (today if feels like CRAP). Now I’m on to the bedroom, then the kitchen. I’m going to keep on going until it’s finished today.

Tomorrow morning up at 6am to drop Spud at new place and back by 7.30am for the removalist. I did request non-whinging removalists who don’t mind stairs 🙂

I hope to resume normal craftiness next week, I have a plan to make a skirt by next Thursday…shut up…it’s not funny! Oh and to knit a gift for someone and maybe bake some Christmas gifts…Well, we’ll see! Hope you’re all well and having lots of Festivus crafty fun.

I’ll leave you with a link I stumbled across today via my stats…Knitting News feed site.

EDIT – A fellow West Aussie, Jane (Jane, you have a blog?) sent me this illustration she did after reading this post. Put a smile on this dial! Thanks Jane.


13 thoughts on “Packing Spud

  1. Catherine says:

    Ohh I hate packing up! My partner and I are moving next spring, from a house I’ve lived in for 5 years. It’s utterly amazing the amount of crap that mounts up over 5 years, especially if you’re a hoarder like me…! lol
    Good luck, and be sure to take lots of photos of your new place for us ^_^


  2. Laura says:

    Good heavens. Good luck with ALL that – moving and the crafting and baking plans! It helps to have a plan. I always get more done when I have way too much to do. 🙂
    My sister is a busy business executive kind of person and she told me once “when you want to get something done ask the busiest person to do it for you.”


  3. Miss Dot says:

    Yep! I am Miss Dot! I just couldn’t resist that one as I said.. that is how I pictured the frenzy of activity it would take to do all that you planned! thanks for posting! 1500 Pixels of fame! 🙂


  4. Ampersandduck says:

    Packing at the last minute is the ONLY way to do it. I make lots of lists in the weeks before, but the actual packing has to be done with the adrenalin of a deadline.
    Otherwise, you pick up something… look at it, think about where you got it… have a cup of tea before the next thing…
    At the last minute, amazing feats of efficiency happen.
    Good luck!


  5. lisa s says:

    may the moving gods smile upon you!
    in my eyes EVERYTHING becomes crap on moving day – even the things you treasure…. if someone could invent a way to make moving fun they’d make a mint, huh?


  6. Shell says:

    Goodness! And I thought my life was frantic at the moment. Good luck with it all, I hope the move goes well and you don’t get any of those whiney removalists!


  7. The Feminist Mafia says:

    Oh — I LOVE that drawing. I made the claim on my blog last week that I was knitting and sewing at the same time, and no one believed me. Now I have a ‘photo’ to prove it [borrowed with all appropriate acknowledgements, of course]. If Jane has a blog, please let me know so I can link to it. Good luck!


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