Hi! All moved in without too much pus. Great removalists, which makes a huge difference. Over and done within 3 hours. Not too shabby.

New place is good. Crap everywhere still, but reckon by this weekend will all be sorted. Spud moved in pretty well. He spent the first morning meowing for about 4 hours. But quickly got over it. I had a Tammy moment with Spud (Tammy’s had some very amusing and painful stories about her pets!). He was investigating the kitchen cupboards as I was putting stuff away. I had pulled out the bottom drawer and hadn’t realised that he’d climbed into the space behind the drawer (obviously it smelt real good). I’d finished with the drawer and was shutting it. As the drawers are old and a bit stiff I gave it a good old shove. Drawer wouldn’t shut and dammit there’s something squishy back there, ok give it another couple of real hard shoves (no people, the cat is saying NOTHING, just taking it all sweetly). So finally the "thing", Spud, that is stopping the drawer from shutting comes flying out of the cupboard. I have a "oh crap, I’ve crippled the cat" moment and he’s looking at my like "what the heck is wrong with you, you’ve made me move house and now you’re bashing me". He wouldn’t talk to me for about 1.5hours! He kept running from me. Horrible, but now looking back funny. He eventually forgave me and I got to check him over.

Only downside so far is that I went to use the oven last night to make some shrinkies (old electrical, BLAH) and realised that there are no temperatures marked on the dial. DOH big time! I have plans to do some Christmas baking on Wednesday night so I think I’ll need an oven thermometer. How silly did I feel. Very!

Trying to get ADSL connected….looks like it’ll take about 3 weeks! So if you email me and I’m slow to respond this is the reason.

Hope you’re all well and staying sane this silly season. Hugs!

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