Year of the dog

Happy new year!

Phew. Moved and in nearly all unpacked. Slowly settling in. Spud is becoming less and less demanding with his nocturnal activities. He’s rediscovered a chair which has been in storage. The craft space is still to be organised, but I’m getting there slowly.

Only crafting happening here at the moment is sock knitting (overdue birthday socks from December 05), oh and a new garment on the needles. A Jo Sharp, 2×2 rib knitted sideways and in one piece (my sort of knitting) in her DK Cotton. I’m knitting the long sleeve version in thyme.

I’ll leave you with Spud and the unfinished craft space. More soon!

crafty stuff


9 thoughts on “Year of the dog

  1. Claire says:

    It already looks good – great shelves and the transparent boxes with dividers are perfect. I really need to work on my crafting space, I have baskets of stuff everywhere!!


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