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Thanks Kath for all your hard work! Coordinating a bunch of busy crafty ladies can’t be easy!!

Year of the dog

Myra’s (or Lil’ Moch as Spud says) having her annual postcard swap. Usually I would shy away from participating in something like this even though I’d like to give it a go. So I took a deep breath and signed up. Then had a moment of "crap" oh now I have to create something!! Eek.

Had a think for a few days and ideas started to form. I’ll stop yabbering and show you…


The details. I composed the postcard in Photoshop. The origimi dog I made and then scanned, placed and added a drop shadow. The Chinese characters say "Happy New Year". The paw prints are care of a friend’s dog, Rufus. An inkpad was involved and he had fun, that’s all you need to know! There is also 2006 on the final card. The red line was stitched on the sewing machine for each card. Finally, I decided this could be functional so as you can see there’s a 2006 calendar on the card.

Hope my recipients like it! I’m sending it to USA, France, Netherlands and Australia. If you’d like to see the card in more detail head on over to flickr.

Happy Australia Day

AND Happy Birthday to my best buddy Alison. Love you Al, big boobie hugs to you.

Spud says, "yay, you’re not working today, go on come on over and rub me, you know you want to".


Sun is shining, but I’m about to go into a dark theatre to see Brokeback, trying not to have expectations but so hope it’s as excellent as I think it’s going to be.


My first attempt at needle felting….and possibly my last! Fun? I’m not sure. RESPECT to those who can needlefelt whole softies. This little guy will be accompanying a kitty somewhere. Not sure about his evil red eye. Details, tape measure covered with wool felt, embroidered and wool needle felted birdie.

needle felted birdie tape measure

As it’s not just Year of the Dog, but also Year of the Cookie I’ve started a flickr group.  I’ve shown you mine, now you show yours. Go on, you know you want to. You don’t need to have an obscene number of cutters, you could have one! Just share with us all.

Since we’re in show and tell mode here I present my button stash (well some of it *blushes). I had a couple of excellent ebay scores last year of vintage buttons. I can spend a lot of time sifting through them and playing with them. The kitty is for scale, kitty’s about 10cm (4 inches) tall.


Excited, Brokeback Mountain opens here this week on Australia Day which happens to be a public holiday. WOOT.

I told you. Randomness.


what am I

Lisa wanted to know how many cookie cutters I have, this wasn’ t just a random question (no peeps she doesn’t have a cookie cutter fetish, well, not that she’s shared….) she’d seen some pictures up on flickr showing my nook in which my cookie cutter collection could be seen. Duly counted, I have 34…is that too many? Di might think so! Oh and there’s also another 5 snowflake cutters in a tin somewhere.

For Christmas one of my work buddies gave me this very cool set of coloured aluminium cutters. I love them. Thanks Dick! I haven’t used them yet.

cookie cutter stack

So…my favourites. You wanna know?

his n hers





Last year for me was "year of the cupcake", I think this year is going to be the cookie’s turn. Time to hone my cookie makin’ and decorating skills.

Nook of my home

Amanda has an excellent idea, take a picture and share a corner of your home. I don’t have a favourite corner yet, however I have a nook. It’s in the kitchen. I’m living in a 50’s era house with original cabinet work in the kitchen. Above one of the benches is a cabinet that has a glass front, not very practical but pretty for displaying crockery and glassware. It houses my small teacup collection. Just underneath the cabinet to the left you can see a black metal frame. Well this is the "nook". 🙂

Click picture to see full width. nook cabinet

The nook has my collection of small cuteness. I’ve posted pics of these guys before, however the collection’s had a few additions, including my kitty and print from Monica and one of Sarah’s Loupe Troup peeps (pressie from Al). There’s also my very cute mint dispenser, see the little ceramic in the bottom right corner? However I’m having trouble finding mints small enough.

favourite nook

Behind the guys pictured about is my cookie maker (sorry Lisa!) cutter collection. I found a jar large enough to house them all! More details in a different post on the collection.

favourite nook side

Go and voyeur at other peeps corners in the Flickr group.


Hey Monica and Lisa, remember when, oh back in October/November last year I organised swaps with you? Ummm. Blushing….well FINALLY I have come out of the rut and have finished.

I present flower kitty and birdie kitty. They’ll be in the post this week ladies! Phew. Glad that’s done, they’ve been half finished for ages. These guys are great fun to make and were even more fun as Monica and Lisa both picked their own colour combination. It was really interesting making the kitty’s with fabric combo’s that I hadn’t chosen. I also really love deciding what accessories or additional detail they may have.

You’d like to know the details? Both stand about 10cm (approx 4inches) high, from top of ear to tip of kitty paw.

Flower kitty is made from wool fabric and is wearing a Japanese fabric print dress lined with ruby red silk and accessorised with a wool felt flower. The straps on her dress are crushed velvet ribbon.

eendar - kitty

Birdie kitty is also made from wool fabric and is wearing a floral print corduroy dress lined with army green silk and accessorised with an orange wool felt bird. The straps of her dress are also velvet ribbon.

bird in the hand - kitty

Emma suggested a while ago that I make a cupcake tape measure. Excellent idea! This is the first attempt. Not quite right. Top needs to be much higher, still cute but no cupcake.

first cupcake tape measure attempt

first cupcake tape measure attempt side view

EDIT – Forgot to mention, thanks for all the lovely comments on the pot holders!! Funny, I wasn’t that excited about them, but you guys changed that 🙂  A couple of great tips in the comments. Miss Dot suggested sewing a strong magnet into one of the corners so you can put them on the fridge, EXCELLENT idea. Helen pointed out you can buy batting that has a foil covering specifically for dealing with heat and for use on these types of projects, another fantastic idea!! I haven’t seen it here in Australia, but maybe I haven’t been looking. AND finally but definitely not least Nichola gave me a hint about using my rogue oven, putting a baking tray on the bottom shelf to stop the food from burning on it’s bottom (YES I have experienced burnt assed cooking with this oven). Thanks!