You got a puppy?!

This is what came out of my mouth when my good friend Gillian calmly rang and said, "Nic, you got to come over and see what we got"…I’m like ooh a puppy? a spa? married (Gillian, you’re allowed to be sighing here 🙂 ). She managed to laugh and say, no just come on over. So I get in the car and am thinking oooh puppy, puppy breath, puppy fur, puppy teeeth.

I drive past Gillian and Paul’s house and there’s a van out front and I can see the wrought iron fence is on the ground, I’m like oooh SPAAA. Then I do a u turn (or "chuck a uie" in Aussie) and park out front and then am going oh my and a whole lot of other bad words. Seems their neighbour across the road was reversing the turbo charged Saab and the turbo kicked in she mounted the curb and hit a tree root and was literally airborne through the metal fence and brick pillars landed in the courtyard and continued on INTO THE LIVING ROOM. Where, thankfully noone was hurt. Just a lot of broken furniture etc. There was an infant in the back of the car and apparently it is fine and was quite happy at the end of the accident, oblivious to what was happening.

Holy crap, happy new year, hey, start it with a smash! So glad that my friends and their friends staying with them are ok.


car in lounge

car out of lounge

22 thoughts on “You got a puppy?!

  1. Kate says:

    Glad to see the police turned out. A while ago a woman phoned the police from the next town along from here to say a car just crashed through her front wall and was told “What do you expect us to do about it?”. That’s the good old English police for you. (What she did was phone the paper. They were quite interested!!)
    Glad your friend’s okay, and hope she’s insured!


  2. di says:

    Hooley dooley- what a way to start the day! My car knowledgeable man says the turbo doesn’t kick in until the engine is doing really high revs- she’d better have some lessons in driving technique I think.
    Such a relief nobody was injured- especially the infant- and that gillian has a sense of humour!


  3. Alison says:

    I know this isn’t a nice story, but I’ve killed myself laughing all the way through. The policeman looks very official.
    They have to get a puppy now. Or a spa. OR BOTH!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. kelli says:

    Just to prove I’m not a complete idiot, I did read this post again and I now realize THEY GOT A CAR IN THEIR LIVING ROOM.
    Oy. Blame it on the holiday hangover.


  5. emma says:

    if I could swear on your blog, you know what i would be saying! How the f**K can ANYONE (apart from an incontinent old tit/giffer) FORGET to take their foot off the bloody accelerator? I think the woman needs to be put down, especially if she had a child in the back! Jeezzzzz


  6. feli says:

    Hmmm…. didnt something like this happen in NSW also? Its beginning to look like a trend!! OMG!! I am glad your friends are okie. People should start doing something about this!! and dont get me started about the child at the back!!


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