sockin’ it to her

Gillian and Paul are in Borneo this week so I can safely post this. However I know Gillian will come here when she returns from hols. So Gillian if you want a surprise (of sorts, she has had several fittings for length) don’t click here. It’s tricky trying to get a decent shot of the sock when taking the pic yourself. I’ll have to try and work out if my camera has a timer! This is the "one leg on the bench crouched over resting the camera on the bench so as to keep the pic in focus" shot.

Here’s an arty shot for ambiguity. I present the belching sock. That’s what it looks like to me. Specs…knitted in Cherry Tree Hill, though I hope they won’t fade like Jane’s did. Bit of a bummer. Would still knit with this yarn, I like Lorna’s but prefer the bounce (I’m sure that’s not the technically correct term, but it’s all I can think of) in this yarn. It also feels softer than the Lorna’s.

Now on to the second sock. These are for Gillian’s birthday….4 December LAST year…OOPS. Just as well she’s patient and also appreciative of handmade gifts.


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