Hey Monica and Lisa, remember when, oh back in October/November last year I organised swaps with you? Ummm. Blushing….well FINALLY I have come out of the rut and have finished.

I present flower kitty and birdie kitty. They’ll be in the post this week ladies! Phew. Glad that’s done, they’ve been half finished for ages. These guys are great fun to make and were even more fun as Monica and Lisa both picked their own colour combination. It was really interesting making the kitty’s with fabric combo’s that I hadn’t chosen. I also really love deciding what accessories or additional detail they may have.

You’d like to know the details? Both stand about 10cm (approx 4inches) high, from top of ear to tip of kitty paw.

Flower kitty is made from wool fabric and is wearing a Japanese fabric print dress lined with ruby red silk and accessorised with a wool felt flower. The straps on her dress are crushed velvet ribbon.

eendar - kitty

Birdie kitty is also made from wool fabric and is wearing a floral print corduroy dress lined with army green silk and accessorised with an orange wool felt bird. The straps of her dress are also velvet ribbon.

bird in the hand - kitty

Emma suggested a while ago that I make a cupcake tape measure. Excellent idea! This is the first attempt. Not quite right. Top needs to be much higher, still cute but no cupcake.

first cupcake tape measure attempt

first cupcake tape measure attempt side view

EDIT – Forgot to mention, thanks for all the lovely comments on the pot holders!! Funny, I wasn’t that excited about them, but you guys changed that 🙂  A couple of great tips in the comments. Miss Dot suggested sewing a strong magnet into one of the corners so you can put them on the fridge, EXCELLENT idea. Helen pointed out you can buy batting that has a foil covering specifically for dealing with heat and for use on these types of projects, another fantastic idea!! I haven’t seen it here in Australia, but maybe I haven’t been looking. AND finally but definitely not least Nichola gave me a hint about using my rogue oven, putting a baking tray on the bottom shelf to stop the food from burning on it’s bottom (YES I have experienced burnt assed cooking with this oven). Thanks!

15 thoughts on “pssst…

  1. mo says:

    Oh those kitties are gorgeous! Between those and the potholders (and Im still really not over your last backtack project) youmake me want to site and sew for days! Thanks for all the inspiration!


  2. Kelli says:

    Such sweet kitties! I am really glad to hear you are climbing out of your slump. I too and beginning to see the light post-breakup, post-holiday, post-lots of change at once.


  3. Jasmin says:

    I have a few tape measures I got free with my orders from and I’ve been thinking of making covers so they’re more attractive. Any tips?


  4. lisa says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE birdie kitty!! i am so excited!! sorry it has taken me a bit to see this…with the birthday whirlwind i have not been to visit my favorite blogs in a couple days. would you rather have another bird or a small log cabin pillow?? you decide!


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