Nook of my home

Amanda has an excellent idea, take a picture and share a corner of your home. I don’t have a favourite corner yet, however I have a nook. It’s in the kitchen. I’m living in a 50’s era house with original cabinet work in the kitchen. Above one of the benches is a cabinet that has a glass front, not very practical but pretty for displaying crockery and glassware. It houses my small teacup collection. Just underneath the cabinet to the left you can see a black metal frame. Well this is the "nook". 🙂

Click picture to see full width. nook cabinet

The nook has my collection of small cuteness. I’ve posted pics of these guys before, however the collection’s had a few additions, including my kitty and print from Monica and one of Sarah’s Loupe Troup peeps (pressie from Al). There’s also my very cute mint dispenser, see the little ceramic in the bottom right corner? However I’m having trouble finding mints small enough.

favourite nook

Behind the guys pictured about is my cookie maker (sorry Lisa!) cutter collection. I found a jar large enough to house them all! More details in a different post on the collection.

favourite nook side

Go and voyeur at other peeps corners in the Flickr group.

7 thoughts on “Nook of my home

  1. kelly says:

    really great cabinet! i love cookie cutters too, and i’ve been wondering if it’s too “country kitchen-ish” to hang them on the wall as a display… all of mine are copper thus far, and they’re really beautiful…


  2. di says:

    I love the cookie cutter collection! Can’t believe you have so many- it seems so indulgent 🙂
    A perfect addition to a retro 50’s kitchen.


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