My first attempt at needle felting….and possibly my last! Fun? I’m not sure. RESPECT to those who can needlefelt whole softies. This little guy will be accompanying a kitty somewhere. Not sure about his evil red eye. Details, tape measure covered with wool felt, embroidered and wool needle felted birdie.

needle felted birdie tape measure

As it’s not just Year of the Dog, but also Year of the Cookie I’ve started a flickr group.  I’ve shown you mine, now you show yours. Go on, you know you want to. You don’t need to have an obscene number of cutters, you could have one! Just share with us all.

Since we’re in show and tell mode here I present my button stash (well some of it *blushes). I had a couple of excellent ebay scores last year of vintage buttons. I can spend a lot of time sifting through them and playing with them. The kitty is for scale, kitty’s about 10cm (4 inches) tall.


Excited, Brokeback Mountain opens here this week on Australia Day which happens to be a public holiday. WOOT.

I told you. Randomness.

10 thoughts on “Random

  1. kathreen says:

    random indeed. i finished reading “music and silence” set in denmark a few hundred years ago – and the king has an obsession with bags of buttons – running his hand through them calms him down – loved it


  2. sooz says:

    Sorry to hear the needle felting hasn’t been kind – I love it! A good workshop helped a lot in getting me going, there is method to the madness.
    Have you read Oscar and Lucinda? Oscar’s button sorting made me think of playing with my mum’s big tin of buttons as a kid and gave a strong desire for a big divided wooden box for doing the same as a grown up. So soothing and pleasing to create order from chaos.


  3. kelly says:

    one of these days i’ll see a movie in the theater…
    thanks for the flickr group… i’ll try to get some shots of my cutters up soon!
    buttons are too fun! i spent an evening a couple of months ago sorting mine into old canning jars by color. there’s something so pleasing about seeing those jars of colors!


  4. Samantha says:

    Love those buttons – funnily enough I bought a large biscuit tin from a boot sale at the weeekend filled with button.
    I spent an hour or so sorting out the best ones and fafffing around with the rest.
    Haven’t got round to putting a photograph on my blog yet.


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