Year of the dog

Myra’s (or Lil’ Moch as Spud says) having her annual postcard swap. Usually I would shy away from participating in something like this even though I’d like to give it a go. So I took a deep breath and signed up. Then had a moment of "crap" oh now I have to create something!! Eek.

Had a think for a few days and ideas started to form. I’ll stop yabbering and show you…


The details. I composed the postcard in Photoshop. The origimi dog I made and then scanned, placed and added a drop shadow. The Chinese characters say "Happy New Year". The paw prints are care of a friend’s dog, Rufus. An inkpad was involved and he had fun, that’s all you need to know! There is also 2006 on the final card. The red line was stitched on the sewing machine for each card. Finally, I decided this could be functional so as you can see there’s a 2006 calendar on the card.

Hope my recipients like it! I’m sending it to USA, France, Netherlands and Australia. If you’d like to see the card in more detail head on over to flickr.

23 thoughts on “Year of the dog

  1. Ginger says:

    I just started a blog – I have to figure out how to post buttons and work the language! Your post card is awesome…is there a way to get a hold of one?


  2. debbie says:

    i love your card! isn’t it wonderful how our creative juices start to flow when under pressure!i tried something new (for me) in creating my card – though very crude, i enjoyed the process of trying something different and knowing i can still learn new stuff!


  3. Maritza says:

    Just got your postcard yesterday and I love it! So pretty, so stylish, it’s excellent. Very cool. First time I’ve participated in a swap and it’s so much fun. Happy New Year to you!


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