Self Portrait Tuesday

Ok. You asked for it, yes YOU did. If you’re one of the commenters who egged me on….here it
is, in all its slightly out of focus hairy moley BO free glory. Would be interesting to have a stat counter on this image, see how many of you can’t help yourselves and just have to check out my pit! LOL.

I love the loud and proud hair wearers, thanks for your comments!

Loggy Jet

We’ve all seen lovely Lisa’s stunning log cabin cushions and this Japanese craft book is great inspiration too. I’d been wanting to try one of these for a while and since it was Al M’s birthday coming up thought it would be a great gift for her. She’s notoriously difficult to buy for 🙂

I’d also wanted to try inkjetting onto fabric a picture of her dog, Jet. A big, black, goofy Labrador who is one of Al’s major loves in her life. I’d read here at Sewing Stars how she had printed onto fabric using Freezer Paper and then at Tall Poppy I’d seen their printing onto fabric supplies.


Briefly….I bought some Bubble JetSet, then I soaked my chosen fabric, calico, let the fabric dry. Then ironed the fabric onto an A4 adhesive label. I’d already scanned my image and had it ready. One tip, this is where I made an error, don’t forget to leave a seam allowance around your image or to have enough of your image "bleeding" past where you want to sew. I had just enough fabric to create a seam without losing image. So then….hold your breath and put the fabric in the printer tray ready to print and off you go….watch with eagle eyes that the fabric comes out safely! It did!!! Then let it sit for 30minutes and then rinse gently with mild detergent. Leave to dry and iron. Very satisfying indeed.

Creating the log cabin was a lot more fun than I thought it would be. I’m not a very patient crafter and quilting can stretch my patience! However this block is great. I love it. It’s great fun selecting the colours and patterns and seeing if they work together. I love that one of the fabrics has food references, since being a Labrador, food it Jet’s favourite thing in the whole world, well second to his mummy. Even though I did baste I did have some puckering and imperfections in my machine quilting, but I decided that I could live with it and it added to the charm of the finished item.


Only nearly a month after her birthday I gave the cushion to Al, she loved it! So satisfying to give a handmade gift to a buddy that appreciates it and really likes it. More pics at flickr.

Self Portrait Tuesday

Or maybe this post should be titled Self Portrait Cop Out! I had intended on posting a picture of my unshaved armpit, at this point you’re either nodding your head or screwing up your face "ewwww" style! LOL. I go through stages, shaving, not shaving. I quite like the unshaved version and no, I don’t get BO…however most my friends are grossed out. I wonder if it’s a Western thing to be turned off by underarm hair. The reaction is almost like it’s dirty. It amuses me. So I took some pics of my unshaved armpit…but just couldn’t go through with posting a picture. Firstly, taking a picture yourself of this area isn’t the easiest and they all just looked odd. Instead this is a picture of my buddy Gayle and I in December last year. We were having a pub knit n lunch one Sunday arvo, had a great time eating yummy food, chatting and knitting.

I know this month’s theme is "All of me, embrace your mistakes" and there are mistakes in this pic (me not you Gayle!). There’s the stuff that we notice about ourselves that most don’t. The stuff we’re silently critical about, like the droopy eye, the crooked smile, the thin top lip, dry hair and puffy eyes. Whilst it’s not what you may see, it’s what I think of when I first look at this picture. I’m not asking for validation, LOL, just pointing out that when I look at this picture I notice these things. Saying all of that, I really love this picture of me and Gayle.


I’ve recently gotten back into music, mainly inspired by Gayle above. She’s the queen of music. If she says listen to this you’ll like it, I know I will, she’s not let me down yet.

She’s gotten me hooked on Emiliana Torrini, Belle and Sebastian (their new album rocks), The Magic Numbers and Jose Gonzalez.

SPT – Flickr and blog.

Assistance required

EDIT – Found someone! Thanks for all the offers. Much appreciated.

Howdy ya’ll. Even though we’ve been a little quiet over here about our sock obssession here at craftapalooza we’ve been scheming and thinking about socks, sock yarn and circular needles. We bought this Sensational Knitted Socks by Charlene Schurch. FREAKING excellent sock book, do I dare say the BEST sock book I’ve seen, mighty big statement. All the patterns are given in 4dpn, 5dpn and 2 circ’s, perfect for lazy bastards like me who don’t want to convert lace patterns to circ’s.

The point, oh yeah. I really want to dye my own sock yarn. I don’t want to spin it myself, surprising, I know. I’ve seen over at KnitPicks that they have dye your own sock yarn but they don’t sell outside the USA. So any takers in the states? I can place the order, but I’d need someone to receive it and then post it on to me. If someone’s interested in helping me part with some cash, please drop me a line, craftapaloozaATiinetDOTnetDOTau and we can work out a deal!

On a different note, holy crap, Em’s destashing – get on over at check out her ebay sale.



Love the yoyo. I have a quilt top that I blogged about here that I’m quite disatisfied with. Well the solid panels with the ugly applique flowers. So I’ve decided to rip and reconstruct and put some yoyo panels onto the quilt top….hopefully it’ll work and not add to the vomitness!

Making another covered tape measure a thought came to me, what about a yoyo top?! So here you see the first attempt. Not bad at all, add a button to the top of the yoyo or keep the yoyo bellybutton exposed?

How-to here. Quilt here. Doll and what the chicken has to say!



I’m participating in February’s Color-iffic swap-a-rama, pink and red is the theme.

Below is most of what I’m sending, there are a few other little surprises you don’t see here.

From left to right:
– fabric and felt pincushion with the obligatory shrinky pins,
– felt tape measure, flower and heart fridge magnets
– pink triangle pouch from this book, ISBN483472235X
– customised moleskine notebook stamped with home made cupcake stamp with beaded bookmark and finally some embroidery supplies.


If you want to see closer, more detailed pics, head on over to my flickr.

This post bought to you by the letter V and the number 14

Valentine’s day schmalentine’s day….we have bah humbug feelings at craftapalooza about VD day (yes, yes, those non believers will be snickering at this point, the believers should possibly skip the rest of this post).

That’s why I went for the anatomically correct heart and not the symbolic one over at fd’s flickr toys.

But if you’re one of those hopeless romantics, get on over and create the schmaltzy symbolic heart….


Otherwise get on over and find out what your candy heart says…

Your Candy Heart Says "Get Real"

You’re a bit of a cynic when it comes to love.
You don’t lose your head, and hardly anyone penetrates your heart.

Your ideal Valentine’s Day date: is all about the person you’re seeing (with no mentions of v-day!)

Your flirting style: honest and even slightly sarcastic

What turns you off: romantic expectations and "greeting card" holidays

Why you’re hot: you don’t just play hard to get – you are hard to get

Yep that about sums up my feelings or what I’d like you to believe…

Love this

CafePress are having an anti valentine design competition and win an IPOD

Wikipedia – Valentine’s Day

Umm..doesn’t stop this unromantic from making biscuits for VD loving work colleagues, with pink icing in a heart shape though, does it.


Happy VD day!