What should be the title of this post?

New banner is up for February, what do you think? I started this embroidery the first day I started blogging, all enthused. I lost momentum and wasn’t sure the result was what I was after so it’s been sitting discarded in a bag for nearly 18 months. THEN I saw Disdressed’s header, which I love, and thought I’d drag out my embroidery and scan it in.

You been over to whip up yet? Lots of really great posts and interesting stuff. I’m a little embarrassed by the novel I wrote! Get on over and have a read and leave a comment or two.

Also some of you have emailed or commented and asked what I thought of Brokeback Mountain. It was amazing, beautiful, stunning, gut wrenching and totally convincing. Heath and Jake were just gorgeous, the cinematography was divine. I came out of the cinema wrecked, with puffy eyes and had to go home and have an afternoon nana nap. Well worth it.

I’ve had some crafting success this week with inkjetting onto fabric. Lots of fun and surprisingly easy!! I bought my supplies from Tall Poppy Crafts, great service and they give handy how-to sheets. No pictures yet it’s a surprise for someone, details soon.

25 thoughts on “What should be the title of this post?

  1. amanda says:

    awesome banner! I love that it’s “in progress” and would be tempted to leave it like that. kinda sends a message that the blog is a work “in progress” too 🙂 Cool!


  2. mary says:

    i think the banner looks great. i love that it’s unfinished.
    i felt the same way about Brokeback Mountain – absolutely wonderful film.
    can’t wait to see the inkjet on fabric project!


  3. leslie says:

    oh. my. god. the new banner is unbelievably beautiful. i’m just in the process of redesigning mine and am a bit stumped, especially when confronted by great ideas like this!


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