can’t sleep…

Can’t sleep, tossed and turned from 3-4am, brain too busy, stuff it, get up, wash dishes – nope, water the garden – nope, turn on the computer – of course. Update my read list over there on the left, check out my bloglines – out of control with over 250 posts to read, head on over to flickr to see the latest in the colorific swap – mine’s due to leave on Friday and spend some paypal cash with Mav. Oh looky cat looks pretty by monitor light in the dark, try and get some pics, he’s just happy someone else is up at this time aside from him. He also says Gillian don’t I look pretty and have a good day! Results ok, didn’t want to use flash, just ambient light from my monster monitor. Oh look, it’s 6am, time to go back to bed for at least an hour. Grrrrrrr.

don't you think?

4 thoughts on “can’t sleep…

  1. Bonnie Beer Bitc says:

    nice kitty meow.
    I realllly love your new header, it’s completely adorable. Even better that it’s unfinished, than if it were finished.
    p.s. I absolutely love taking night shots w. digital cameras, the long exposures beat a flash any day!


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