I’m participating in February’s Color-iffic swap-a-rama, pink and red is the theme.

Below is most of what I’m sending, there are a few other little surprises you don’t see here.

From left to right:
– fabric and felt pincushion with the obligatory shrinky pins,
– felt tape measure, flower and heart fridge magnets
– pink triangle pouch from this book, ISBN483472235X
– customised moleskine notebook stamped with home made cupcake stamp with beaded bookmark and finally some embroidery supplies.


If you want to see closer, more detailed pics, head on over to my flickr.

34 thoughts on “Color-iffic!

  1. q says:

    very beautiful items – i love the fridge magnets and the notebook especially. how wonderful for the person getting your package 🙂


  2. button says:

    ooh aah! I love them all but the pin cushions are particularly fantastic. And the moleskine journal looks great, I have always wanted to put an illustration on the front of one – I am inspired to do so now, after seeing how cute yours is!


  3. jek-a-go-go says:

    eeeps! so beautiful. i am red with envy for your partner!those pincushions are to die for and i’m needing a pincushion and keep thinking i will make one but i never get around to it. some day.


  4. Oiyi says:

    The stuff that you made is so beautiful! Your swap partner is so lucky! I am drooling over everything you made.
    Where can I sign up for the next Swap? I couldn’t find any info on it when I googled it.


  5. June in Singapore says:

    They’re a lovely! Lucky swap partner!
    Could you tell me how you made the pincushions? I’d love to be able to make some for myself.


  6. Janine says:

    personalised MOLE-SKIN notepad with a cupcake on it! NOW we are talking!!
    Oh BTW I brought back something for you from the Singapore Japanese book store………….


  7. kris says:

    i am the proud owner of one of your measuring tapes (jac at serendipity sent it to me) and it’s just the cutest thing ever! love your pin cushions as well and i am definitely going to attempt a triangle purse of my own.


  8. Stacey says:

    Wow. What a great package! I love everything in it! I just ordered the book that your triangle pouch is from last week. I can’t wait until it comes! I have several books but haven’t made anything yet because I’m intimidated by the Japanese. How hard was it to make? I’d love to make it.


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