Love the yoyo. I have a quilt top that I blogged about here that I’m quite disatisfied with. Well the solid panels with the ugly applique flowers. So I’ve decided to rip and reconstruct and put some yoyo panels onto the quilt top….hopefully it’ll work and not add to the vomitness!

Making another covered tape measure a thought came to me, what about a yoyo top?! So here you see the first attempt. Not bad at all, add a button to the top of the yoyo or keep the yoyo bellybutton exposed?

How-to here. Quilt here. Doll and what the chicken has to say!


8 thoughts on “yoyo

  1. Sandrine (alias Didine!) says:

    Hello my dear Nicole !! This cover tape is too cute !! And I love all the links you gave about the yoyos ! (is it also a little hand game for children in english ??) Do you received my package ??? I’m worried because you didn’t tell me if you get it ?!! Hugs from Belgium


  2. Rachael says:

    Go for the button. I think the look for measuring tapes this season is to have the belly button covered, not exposed, No? (oh would that be like the “muffin top” boo-boos of the last few winters…I sound like Maggie T, vintage 80’s Womens Weekly, a fashion boo-boo…ok, now I’m talking crap…)
    Anyway go for the button, like Laura said up there, you’ll have the parfect one!


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